Proposal Message for Friend

Proposal Message for Friend

Proposal message for friend means you are proposing your friend for love relationship, marriage or to be a true friend forever. The emotions you write to your friend express your relation beautifully and present your feelings when you are with your friend. Love proposal, friendship proposal or marriage proposal is presented through words. Expressing feeling for your friend may be difficult, but sending a beautiful and sweet message to him/her is an easy way to open up your heart. A good collection of proposal message samples supports your emotion and gives words to your feeling.

1). A true friend is a beautiful blessing of God to us who always stays with you in your heart, who guides you every time and who always keeps you smiling, even though you are miles apart.

2). Every love story has a friendship in it because a friend promises you never let you alone, a friend makes you smile in your tension, a friend inspires you all the time and I am lucky to have both a lover and a friend in you.

3). I see dreams, but you give your faith to fulfill it; I live my life, but you put fun to enjoy it, I feel bad, but you extend your hand to share it, I feel joy, but you give smile to make it complete. So, without you, there is no place for me. Be my friend always.

4). Friendship is all about sharing and caring as the way I share my happiness, sorrow and secret to you and you care for me always forever. You are my true friend for the lifetime.

5). I can’t imagine a life without friend because I enjoy your presence, I need your support, I am happy sharing my emotion with you and above all I am enjoying a beautiful life with full of fun only for you. Thank you for being my friend.

6). You are my friend and I am happy to be with you, because there are lots of things I can’t do alone, like clapping in my success, scolding me in any wrong doing, crying with me and smiling with me.

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