Funny Proposal Message for Husband

Funny Proposal Message for Husband

Bring a sweet smile to your husband’s face by sending a funny proposal message to your husband. There are lots of happy moments you shared together and now the time has come to pen down those moments through the words. Your message expresses your emotion of love, but in a different way. Tell your husband how much you love her in a witty way and make your husband feel special to you. The fun elements make the moment delight.

Here a nice collection of funny proposal message samples for husband is essayed below:

1). I know I make you annoyed, but I love you more than that; I know you get bored listening my silly jokes, but you always smile to make me happy; there is no one better that you, I can share my life with. Love you.

2). It is true, we are just the opposite; you calm, I am loud; you love logic and I love arguments; but the only thing that makes us together is our love for each other, it is the same and no more or no less. Love you.

3). Some miles we have crossed together and experienced many emotions with each other; but we have a long way to go and have lots of things to do; be mine always and forever. Sharing smiles with you makes me happy. Love you.

4). Sharing life with me is not that easy, but you dare to attempt it and you succeed; you can find a better partner than me, but you are the best who can understand me. I love you so much.

5). You read my silence and you read my joy; you know everything before I tell you; you may be a magician I sometimes doubt, but whoever you are, you are my husband and I love you. Be together and forever.

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