Happy Tell an old Joke Day Funny Messages and Jokes – July 24

Happy Tell an old Joke Day Funny Messages - Funny Jokes

It is always good to share an old joke and laugh at it. July 24th is a day to do so as it is Tell an Old Joke Day. Share with your dear ones Happy Tell an Old Joke Day funny messages along with funny jokes. Funny messages for friends and family and Tell an Old Joke for friends always promise many more smiles and healthy laughs.

Here are some of the most hilarious Tell an Old Joke Day messages to share with one and all on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram.

National Tell an old Joke Day Funny Jokes Messages

1). What is the reason for cows to wear bells…??? It is because their horns don’t make any sound.

2). Name one room that is hated by all of the skeletons. It is the living room!!!

3). When is an alligator called when it wears a vest? It is called an INVESTAGATOR.

4). Why do all the hummingbirds hum? That is because they don’t have words.

5). Ghosts don’t like going to dance parties because they have NO BODY to dance.

6). Have you come across a joke about germs? No problems as I don’t wish to spread that around.

7). I used to think that brain is the most significant organ of a human body but then I realized who is telling me that.

8). I was wondering why the size of baseball is increasing but then it hit me hard.

9). I went to this very emotional wedding….. Even the cake at the wedding was in tiers.

10). Do you what is the difference between being ignorant and being apathetic….??? I don’t know and I don’t even care.

11). What would be bears called without bees? They would be called EARS.

12). When the past, present and future together walked into a bar… It was TENSE!!!

13). The best way to keep a bully away from charging? Simply by cancelling the credit card.

14). You know when you get a frostbite? It is when you pass by a snowman along with a vampire on your side.

15). You know you can make an egg laugh. All you have to do it just tell a yolk.

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