Funny 31st March Ending Messages, Closing Wishes

Funny 31st March Ending Messages, Closing Wishes

March month is the time when all the people are struggling to meet their targets and file their taxes. Everyone is stressed out with hectic schedules. We work all though out the year with diligence, honesty and with passion. Make the atmosphere light by sharing March year end jokes, financial year ending jokes with everyone. You can share March 31st and year end target jokes, quotes, and messages on Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media. We have collected some funny jokes for you to share.

Funny 31st March Ending Messages, Closing Wishes and Jokes

1. April 1st is called all fool day, because we pay taxes on 31st March and continue to work from April 1st.

2. A minister planted the tree in the morning, a goat ate the tree in the afternoon. Minister had goad for Biriyani in the evening. Happy taxpaying.

3. 31st March makes us realize how hard we worked all throughout the year for the benefit of government and politicians. It’s time to pay taxes and celebrate our stupidity.

4. I pray God that he gives us strength to pay all our taxes and stay happy.

5. Keep marching all the year till 31st March. You come to a grinding halt on 31st March for tax paying

6. Some people turn out to be sunny Leon on 31st march. They take off as much as they can for taxpaying.

7. March 31st is the time when we realize the difference between the actual and promised by our employer

8. No matter how hard you work, you will get what you deserve. The classic example is tax paying. No matter how much you save, you cannot escape paying taxes.

9. I wish the politicians realize how hard we work to pay our taxes diligently. It’s high time they also work honestly for our country.

10. My colleague joked. I said, let’s laugh tomorrow. We have any way become fools.

12. We work like donkeys all throughout the year, we take the work pressure given by our boss and clients. We pay taxes to government honestly. Let’s us introspect on April first, how beautifully we keep fooling ourselves all-round the year.

13. My wife asked me, for whose sake you are working so hard. I said. ”Let me finish tax filing today”. I am also confused.

14. March has been terrifying in student life and now as employees. March has become a phobia.

15. This year we are all busy closing our year end deals and targets. So let’s wish Happy Monday, instead of happy weekend.

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