Going Away Messages for Employees

Going Away Messages for Employees

When your employee is leaving your office, then pay off his/her dedication with a going away message. The message praises the employee’s work career and the words of the message encourage him to give the best in the future. Through the message, you would like to give your employee a note of thanks to lead the company towards its profit with hard work and honesty. The message also praises some of achievements; the concerned employee received during his/her tenure.

A beautiful collection of going away message samples for employee is given below:

1). It is the time for you to scale the new highs and win many battles and I wish you get success through your creativity and hard work. The company will miss you very much as it loses its one of the most dedicated members.

2). The personality, you have, always inspires others to give best in their field. You never compromise with the standard of work and never step back to take extra pressure. You are going to write a new chapter of life and wish you best of luck.

3). Go ahead in your career and win every obstacle that make your speed slow. Believe in yourself and let the world know who you are. My wishes will always be with you and you achieve everything what you desire.

4). It is very rare in people to smile even in the worst situation, but you always did so and that is why you stand out in a crowd. I wish your future journey is smoother and you make many milestones of achievements.

5). You make the tiring office hours relaxed with your presence, but you never give up against any challenge. Wherever you go, keep this attitude high and let the success follow you. I wish you very best of luck for your career.

6). The luck is for those who know how to earn it and I have no doubt to say you are a lucky person with your hard work and dedication. Don’t listen to others and have faith in you, you will definitely reach your aim one day.

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