April Fool Day Message

April Fool Day Text Message

April Fool Day is one of the best times to send funny April Fool messages to family and friends on Whatsapp or Facebook in Hindi or English to bring a sweet smile on the faces of people whom you love. This is surely one of the most interesting days when you can use your creativity to send April fool wishes on this funny day.

Given below are some cute April fool text messages to wish your near and dear ones in the most special way. Use these sweet sample April Fool Day 2016 best wishes quotes to everyone. Don’t miss the chance to fool them on 1st April.

Here are some quick sample text messages to wish 1st April 2016

April Fool Message for Lover

Surprise your love with a funny April Fool Day message. Be the first one to send him unique Whatsapp wishes message using the example given below. This quote will surely bring a smile to his face

You are a sweet, intelligent, smart and wonderful personality…. You are the most unique person with a golden heart….. For more jokes, call me J

April fool Message and Quotes for Boyfriend

Wish your boyfriend Happy April Fool Day with lovely hilarious messages. This funny April fool day quote will surely make him laugh out loud on your playful yet smart text.

True love is like a pillow which you can hug when you feel depressed and use as a shoulder to cry on and embrace when you are elated. So when you need love, just spend a few bucks to buy a pillow.

April Fool Messages for Girlfriend

Teasing and fooling your girlfriend on April fool day is surely the most awaited thing. Send her a beautiful text message to fool her in the most surprising and funny way.

Darling, you are my BITCH…. Beautiful Invincible Terrific Charming Humorous. I am sure you are smiling reading this…. So you are my sweet little BITCH.

April Fool Messages for Husband

Bring a smile to your husband’s face by sending him a special and humorous April fool text message on 1st April 2016. This silly and cute quote is a beautiful way of celebrating this amazing occasion.

I always keep your pictures in my purse. Whenever I am in problem, I simply look at it and feel that if I can handle you then I can handle any problem in the world. Lolsss.

April Fool Messages for Wife

You really need a smart and intelligent message to fool your dearest wife and to do it in a special way; you must send her a sweet and funny April fool text message which can make her smile.

When will you be marrying me? I can no longer live without you. I love you a lot and want us to get married this month my love. I just received this message from Deepika Padukone. See my worth!!

April Fool Messages for Friends

Friends are always partners in crime and 1st April is incomplete without fooling them. As they know you too well, you really need the best and loveliest text message to fool them in an extra ordinary way.

Calling you my CUTE friend is the right thing to do. But looks like you have got it wrong. CUTE stands for Creating Unwanted Troubles Everywhere..…so now you know what CUTE means

April Fool Messages for Family

Family is the dearest and most important part of your family. Do not forget to wish your mom, dad, sisters and brothers April Fool Day with most humorous and cutest Whatsapp text messages.

I am fool, I am fool, I am fool …. You just confessed that you are a FOOL. You agreed to what I have been saying for all those years…. April Fool wishes to you… J

Funny April Fool Message

April fool is the day when you have the liberty to fool every person you know. There is no need to hesitate as this day is meant for playing pranks and sending funny surprising fool messages to people.

This flower, is flower, a flower, good flower, way flower, to flower, keep flower, an flower, idiot flower, busy flower, for flower,20 flower, seconds flower !… Now read it without the word flower. HAHAHA

So use these funny and fabulous April fool day messages to fool everyone around you. These text quotes promise to bring a smile on the face of your near and dear ones without hurting their feelings. So make it an innovative and funny 1st April 2016 by using these wonderful messages that are pure fun.

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