April Fools Jokes and Pranks Messages for Students Online

April Fools Jokes and Pranks Messages for Students

Spread laughs and smiles around on the occasion of April Fool’s Day. Make it a very special occasion for students with April Fool’s Day quotes and April Fool’s jokes sayings that will surely tickle their funny bones. Wish the students with April Fools messages and share the unique April Fool’s jokes for students online.

Here is the collection of April Fool’s Day jokes for students along with April Fool’s pranks for students from teachers that will make up for best share on this day.

April Fools Day Jokes for Students

“The best days at the school are those when there are no studies and they is only fun and play. Happy April Fool’s Day to all.”

“Which day in the year are the monkeys really fond of? The First of Ape-ril !!”

“Name the monster who just loves the April Fool’s jokes. He is called the Pranken-stein.”

“Highlight the difference between April Fools Day and Thanksgiving. One is about being thankful while the other is about being prankful.”

“Why is that everyone is so exhausted on 1st April? It is because they have just finished with a 31 day March.”

April Fools Jokes for Students

Studies don’t make your future is the joke every student wants to turn into reality.

If you will not study then you will have no future is the biggest myth to have.

Students who never studied, online classes for them are like a really long vacation.

Life is always better for students when they don’t have to study. Happy April Fool’s Day.

Let us not fool ourselves with jokes on studies because studies are a serious matter.

April Fools Messages for Students

Those who have taken studies seriously have never really been able to grow.

April Fool’s Day is the time to just enjoy pranking and joking and not studying.

Studies to students are what life is to human. Never give up on studies.

Don’t be a foolish student to not study and lose on this special time you have.

Studies always help you higher and joking around always adds fun to life.

April Fools Pranks for Students from Teachers

The best way to prank students is by announcing a surprise test and then taking them for a picnic.

It is so easy to prank students for teachers as anything serious can be made into a joke.

Teachers are more fun when they play pranks on their students on April Fool’s Day.

Balancing studies with some pranks are a perfect way to celebrate April Fool’s Day.

Foolish are those who think that teachers are suppose to be just serious and nothing else.

April Fools’ Day Jokes for Students To Play on Teachers

I have done my home work is the best prank all the students can play on teacher together and then wish her April Fool’s Day.

A mass bunk on April Fool’s Day is a good way to surprise your teacher and spread joys.

If you love your teacher then you must make April Fool’s Day special for her with April Fool’s Day pranks.

There is something special about April Fool’s Day and that is you can fool around even with your teacher.

Teachers and students make a wonderful pair as they study together and grow together.

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