10 Best April Fools Pranks & Jokes to Use at Work

Funny April Fools Pranks, Best Practical Jokes to Use at Work

A good laugh is something that we all need and especially at work where everyone is under stress at some point in time. With the best April Fool pranks to do at work, you can surely make everyone laugh. Share with your colleagues and coworkers the April Fool jokes at work. These funny April Fool’s Day jokes for coworkers are a perfect way to make this a memorable one.

Here is the collection of newest and most unique April Fools pranks, April Fools Day messages and April Fools jokes to share with your colleagues.

Brilliant Prank Ideas For April Fools’ Day

Peal off the onions and dip them into apple colors to make them look like caramel apples. Don’t forget to put the stick on and have them enjoy onions disguised as caramel apples.

In one of your common office drawers, put some water along with some fish and have your colleagues gasp in surprise as they pull the drawer out and find something fishy there.

Create a set up as if there is someone sitting on the toilet seat just by putting up a pair of jeans along with shoes as if someone is sitting inside.

Troll the workstation of your coworkers in the most creative way by buying lots of trolls and have them sit on the desk to welcome him or her on the occasion of April Fool’s Day.

Have the office table and chair suspended from the ceiling to create an anti-gravitational effect for your colleague but just make sure that your colleague does not sit on it.

Create a beautiful cake and with the icing just put a note that find the nail to add on to the experience of enjoying the cake wherein actually there is nothing inside it.

Create confusion in your office pantry but sticking silly notes in and around the electronic gadgets to see their reactions.

April Fools Jokes for Working from home

There is just one and only one thing that I work because of work from home culture and that is your silly jokes because they always made me laugh. Happy April Fool’s Day to you.

It is so foolish of the management to make us work from home because I don’t get to see the most foolish person at the work anymore. Warm wishes on April Fool’s Day to you.

The one thing that I miss the most because of working from home is that I cannot play pranks on you anymore and make this April Fool’s Day a perfectly memorable one.

I just wanted to remind you that our offices are going to resume from the day which is your official date of birth. Warm wishes on April Fool’s Day to you.

Work is always fun when you have funny people around and that’s why when I am working from home, I sit surrounded with mirrors as you are not there here with me. Happy April Fool’s Day.

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