April Fools’ Day Jokes Messages for kids

Funny April Fools' Day Jokes Messages for kids

Making your kids laugh is surely one of the most awesome things of parenthood. Celebrate the occasion of April Fool’s Day with prank messages for WhatsApp and April Fool’s jokes for kids. Gift them a beautiful laugh with the newest WhatsApp fooling messages in English and funny April Fool’s Day jokes for kids.

We bring to you a hilarious collection of April Fool’s Day messages for kids that make a wonderful share with children on the occasion of April Fool’s Day.

April Fools Day Wishes, Funny Jokes, Messages for kids

Can you guess what one dinner plate said to the another one? It said that the dinner is on me.

If you see a sleeping dinosaur then what are you going to name him as? You will call him a dino-snore.

What is that one thing that is brown in color, hairy and also wear sun glasses? That is a coconut enjoying his vacation.

Name something that is fast, loud and crunchy? We call it a rocket chip.

Do you know why six is always afraid of even? Because seven ate nine.

Can you guess that what do we call a duck that gets nothing but all A’s? We call it a wise quacker.

Can you calculate how much did it cost a pirate to have his ears pierced? It costed him about a buck an ear.

You know ocean is very friendly but can you explain how is that possible? Because it waves to all of us.

The cookie had to go to the hospital but you can guess the reason for going there? Well he felt a little crummy.

Name one animal that is always present at any game of baseball? It is a bat.

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