Crazy April Fools Day Pranks Messages for Couples

April Fools Day Prank Messages Couples 2017

1st April is a truly a fun day. It is not just a day to send April Fool quotes to your loved ones but also send wishes in form of prank messages to couples. April Fool pranks for friends and couples are best ways to spread smiles and laughter. Prank messages for Whatsapp and Facebook make the most amazing pranks to surprise them on the funniest day of the year.

Explore the April Fool messages collection 2023 for couples to send your friends the funniest text messages on this unique day which celebrates dumbness and gives another reason to laugh out loud with your friends.

Hilarious April Fools Pranks Messages For Couples

1. Your car has been fined for Rs. 5000. Pay the challan. April fool

2. You won a swift car as lottery. April fool

3. You receive a fund from UK of 100,000$. April fool

4. It just doesn’t matter whether it is 31st March or 1st April because a fool is always a fool and date has no significance…… Wishing a very Happy April Fools’ Day to the craziest couple who are the king and the queen of the fools….. Have a wonderful day guys!!!

5. If you wish to become a superhero then scroll down…… Ah I wish you had known that no married man can ever become a superhero, he can in fact not even become a hero because he is already a husband….. Happy Fools’ Day to the foolish friend I know.

6. I can promise you that there is one heart in this world which is always going to beat for you….. today and tomorrow….. There is one heart which will always stay close to you….. No not of your beloved spouse….but your own heart stupid….. A very Happy April Fool to you.

7. When no one else remembers you, he misses you…… When no one else needs you, he wishes you were with him…. When no one thinks of he, he needs you…… If you think that I am talking about your husband then you are a fool as I am talking about the Monkey in the zoo!!!

8. It is quite ironic that on April Fools’ Day we are reminded of what we actually are on the rest of the days of the year….. Cheers to this wonderful day that is simply a reminder of the fact that we are all freaky fools…. Wishing you a very wonderful and hilarious Fools’ Day.

9. Just wanted to share the happy news with you that I am relocating to USA as I have been offered a job in Facebook….. Leaving on 1st April and will be waiting for you to see me off…. With love, Happy Fools’ Day to you my stupid friend.

10. When you are sad and you have no friends with you, always remember that I am with you…. I am broke and we both love to drink….. Meet me anytime you want and we can celebrate life together….. Cheers to our foolishness….. Cheers to Fools’ Day!!!

11. Every year there comes one day when you can feel happy by fooling others that how famous, how rich, how popular and how successful you are….. Don’t miss on that day as this day is the best day of the year…..A very Happy Fools’ Day to you….. Let’s celebrate it!!!

12. This year I have decided that I will not play a prank of you as you are the softest target and there is no thrill in making a fool out of a foolish person…. So just thought of wishing you a crazy and funny, stupid and freaky April Fools’ Day my dearest couple!!!

13. Having friends who can make your Fools’ Day a fun is truly a blessing, just like I have been playing pranks on you….. And therefore, I decided to not to play any prank on you this year for you are the cutest and the most stupid friend I have….. Happy Fools’ Day to you!!!

Best April Fools Pranks for Couples

Proposing your love on April 1st is the best thing to do as you are always safe. Happy April Fools Day.

When you are a couple, you are together in everything and together in every disaster you do, even marriage. Happy April Fools Day.

Warm wishes on April Fools Day to you. You already have told the world that you are foolish by proposing marriage to each other.

You can only be smart and not stupid if you can play prank on others and not get pranked by others. Happy April Fools Day.

Being a couple means that you always have someone to blame for your problems. Happy April Fools Day to you.

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