Funny April Fool Status and Pranks Messages for Whatsapp Facebook

Funny April Fool Prank Messages Facebook & Whatsapp

Don’t let 1st April simply pass by just like any other day!!!! To make it more fun, send creative April Fools prank messages on Whatsapp and Facebook. Unique I Love You prank messages on Whatsapp work as amazing fooling messages for boyfriends and girlfriend. Let your pals go crazy reading April Fool text messages for in English and Hindi. These are funny text pranks to send to friends that are so full of creativity and humour.

We have come up with the best I love you prank messages and April Fool status messages for friends and beloved to send on Whatsapp and Facebook.

I love you Prank Whatsapp Messages
“I choose to say I love you April 1st. It reminds me that there is some one more foolish than me”

“I love you, because you love me. You love me because I am smarter than you”

“On this day, I want to express my love for you. Either you will accept or we will say April fool to each other.”

Funny April Fools Day Prank Messages for Friends & Family
“Roses are red, violets are blue, a fool like you should be in the zoo.”

“Wish you a very prosperous and joyous all fools day”

“It the day when the whole world remembers you. April fool, you fool.”

Funny April Fool Text Message for Boyfriend
“Roses are red, violets are blue, if you don’t love me, you are a fool”

“When I close my eyes I see you before my eyes. Then I realized today is April fool’s day. April fool to the biggest fool”

“I miss you today, more than any other day. I wish you were here to to make you a fool. April fool.”

Funny April Fools Jokes Text Messages
“April fool is to spread laughter. Let’s fool everyone and make everyone laugh.”

“Be sensitive while you joke. April fool’s day is to enjoy lighter moments”

“Don’t hurt anyone while joking. A joke should generate laughter for the person joking and the person listening to the joke.”

Funny April Fool Whatsapp Status and Pranks Messages for Facebook

1. Dear friend, you always surprise me with your talent, with your smartness, with your wisdom, with your knowledge….. But I think I have surprised myself more by giving you these fake compliments that are just opposite of what you actually are…. Happy April Fools’ Day!!

2. There was a time when monkeys used to read my messages…. I am glad that times haven’t changed so much because today fools read it….. Wishing you a playful and fun-filled April Fools’ Day my dearest friend!!

3. I just wanted to tell you that I am relocating to London as I have got a new job and I will be leaving on 1st April…. I will look forward to meet you at the airport before I leave…. With lots of love, wishing you April Fool my stupid friend.

4. I sometimes wonder that may be there is no April Fools’ Day and may be there is one prank that is being played on all for us for all these years….. May be we think we are smart but we are actually fools……….I wish you all a very Happy Fools Day.

5. Ainaa jab jab dekhta hai tumhara sundar sa chehra toh bol utha hai tu ho kitne beautiful….. par jaise hi jaate ho tum us se door toh rok nahi pata tumhein kenhe se fool, April Fool….. Aao manayein saath mil kar ye din jo hai tumhare jeevan ka sach huzur!!!

6. We will surely experience that one day when sun will not shine bright, when stars will fail to appear, when flowers will not bloom, when there will be no rains in monsoon but no matter what, I am sure there will never be a day when we can expect you to act smart and wise.

7. Today is the official day to lie…. Official day to play pranks, official day to be stupid, official day to make fool out of others, official day to go crazy as the best day of the year is here to bring back the lost laughter and fun…… A very Happy April Fool to you.

8. Just like charity begins at home, killing the stupidity also starts from home….. If you are fed up of stupidity then time has come to kill it…. Just take one stone and throw it on the mirror which will kill one fool for you….. With love, wish you Happy Fools Day!!

9. If you think you are really very smart then today is the test of your smartness and wisdom….. If no prank can work on you and all the pranks you play worked on others with perfection then it means that you are the wisest of the fools…. Happy Fools’ Day my foolish friend.

10. Today is the day to make people laugh…. It is the best day to proudly say that you are stupid and bring back the lost laughter in life…. So if someone fools you, just say that it is for your happiness to ruin the prank….. Be smart my dear…..Happy Fools Day to you.

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