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April Fools’ Day is surely the day to use your creativity to fool your friends using funny text pranks to send your loved ones. If you are looking for awesome Advance April Fool 2023 pranks or April Fool messages for boyfriend or girlfriend then we bring to you the most wonderful April Fools Day messages, April Fool Messages for friends and family in Hindi and English. Funny I Love You prank messages for your beloved make amazing whatsapp fooling messages. Fool your beloved with I Love You messages for Whatsapp or send prank texts to friends to make day a more memorable one.

Browse through the best of advance Happy April Fool messages, whatsapp fooling messages, april fool jokes, prank messages for friends and loved ones in Hindi and English that are just perfect to play a prank on this on this fun-filled day!!!

Best Advance April Fool Messages 2023

1. April Fool is the best day of the year as you can fool everyone around you by telling them lies, by playing pranks on them or you can simply tell them the truth and leave them confused about what is the fact…… Wish you a very Happy April Fools’ Day!

2. It is not just a new financial year but it is also a time to celebrate the new fools. But my dear friend, I can never ignore the old fools who have been so awesome for all this year and today is their special day….. To the most wonderful fool I know, Happy Fools’ Day!!

3. WARNING!!!! There is a bug in your phone…… Don’t turn off your mobile phone or else you will never be able to turn it on again…… This message is nothing more than a prank on you 1st April…. Happy Fools’ Day and just take care of your phone.

4. You can fool one person at the time…. You can all fool a lot of people at the same time but there is just one person to whom you can never fool and that is the person who is already a fool….That’s why I am not playing any prank on you….. Just wishing you Happy Fools’ Day.

5. As your sibling, I have never shared one very important secret of your life with you. I thought of telling you that you are an adopted child….. Mom and dad got you from a trash and you were one dirty, stinky boy…… Happy Fools’ Day my foolish brother!!!

6. God ne jo sunshine banayi hai use hum sab Sun kehte hain….. God ne jo maza masti banayi use hum sab Fun kehte hain….. God ne jo chand banaya use hum Moon kehte hain aur God ne tumhein banay jise hum pyaar se Cartoon kehte hain….. Wishing you Happy Fools’ Day!!

7. The best way to never feel tensed about your problems in life is to carry the picture of your lover in your purse so that you can look at it at difficult times and feel that no trouble can be bigger than this…. Happy April Fools’ Day to you.

8. Tumhein batane ki chahat thi ki tum mere jeevan mein kitne zaruri ho…..meri har saans aur dhadkan ke liye kitne zaruri ho….. har jagah tum hi tum ho aur jahan tum nahi waha kuch bhi nahin hai…. Itni zaruri hai Oxuygen har insan ke liye….. Warm wishes on Fools’ Day to you.

9. We know that there is no great genius without a mix of madness but that doesn’t mean that if you are acting foolish, you are one smart and intelligent person…. For us, you will always be the most stupid friend that we have….. Have a wonderful Fools’ Day.

10. Whenever you are around, I am so happy and laughing, giggling and smiling….. It doesn’t mean that you have a good sense of humour, it means that all you acts are so stupid that all I can do is laugh…. To the cutest and most stupid friend, Happy Fools’ Day!!!

Whatsapp April Fool Prank Messages

“I have sent you a surprise gift box. Please open. April fool”

“Your mobile has a virus attack called Fuwejr Oajsa Oweyn Liubvv. Just read the first alphabets and send to at-least 5 persons.

“I have booked tickets for the movie Fool and Final. You must see as you are the hero of the firs name.”

Advance Happy April Fool Love Messages

“Your love has deep impact in my life. Loss of valuable education”

“The cool breeze of the sea, the bright sunshine of the sun, the sweet fragrance of the flowers cannot change one thing for sure. “You being a fool”

“I swear by the stars, I swear by the sun,I swear by heavenly bodies, You will always remain special. Because you are a fool”

Advance April Fools Day Whatsapp Status

“Have fun and enjoy your April fools day”

“We don’t have to make any one a fool. There are enough in this world.”

“There are enough fool to get wished on this world. Time for a global celebration.”

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