I Love You Messages for Her

I Love You Messages for Her

Write your love you message for your girlfriend or wife and express your love to her with a beautiful loving message. The message tells about everything that you feel for her. The words of the message bring out your core feelings of heart and it makes her feel special to you. The message takes you both into the memory lane where you have spent some beautiful moments together. You can write your feelings in a romantic or a cute and a fun way.

Here we present a beautiful collection of I love you message examples for her; you can take the message ideas from the samples.

1). You are everything for me, my joy, my happiness and my life; you are the most precious gift god sent for me to spend the life; with you, I can feel the pleasure in even in a small thing; you are the love of my life and I always want to be with you.

2). Life is easy when you are with me; you give me your love to make my life beautiful, you give me your smile to make me happy; when I fall, you are there to hold me and you never stop believing me. I love you more than anything else in the world.

3). Spending each moment with you is special to me, because I can feel some precious emotions of life, which cannot hold and cannot see, only feel. The feelings are happy, joy, likings and above all the love. I love you.

4). My wounds are healed when I take you in my arms; it seems I feel the peace of the world in your tight hug, never let me go and I always be with you. When you are around, everything seems so perfect because you make me perfect.

5). Don’t think you are alone, I am always there with you holding your hand and make a path we cross together. I share my life with you, so do you, now it is our journey of being together. Even you cannot find me at your around, close your eyes, I am there in your heart.

6). I love you is the truth of my life and without which it is worth dying; your sight makes my vision complete and your love makes my life wonderful. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you so much.

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