10 Best April Fool Message and Jokes for Crush

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Every year April 1st is celebrated as April Fool’s Day. The perfect day to play pranks on your family and friends and enjoy a good laugh. Celebrate this day with your crush by sharing some of these April Fools messages, jokes and April Fool’s Day images.

Collection of best of 10 April Fool’s Day messages, April Fool’s Day Wishes for boyfriend and girlfriends. Ideal funny April Fool’s text pranks to share on WhatsApp or Facebook.

April fool Jokes, Pranks, Messages for Crush

1). On April Fool’s Day, it is good to play pranks but only on those who are smart…. I am sorry I cannot fool around with you because you are not that smart to be fooled.

2). There is just one thing that I like a lot about you and that is you are so sentimental…… just 10% senti but 90% mental….. Enjoy 1st April dear.

3). It is truly a very special day for you and I wish you a very Happy Birthday today because I know that it is your actual date of birth.

4). I am getting married on the 1st of next month because I have waited for you enough and you are not ready for any commitments….. Happy April Fool’s Day baby.

5). The best thing about April Fool’s Day is you make the fool of all the intelligent people around you…. I wish I could also make a fool out of you but fooling a fool is not possible.

6). You can only fool those who have sharp brains and great intelligence….. On April Fool’s Day, I can only wish you and not fool you by any ways.

7). Celebrating 1st April is against any religion because no religion supports lying and playing April Fool is all about lying.

8). They say liars, lairs pants on fire but on April Fool’s Day, pants on fire are for those who believe these lies and end up becoming a fool.

9). On the occasion of April Fool’s Day, I want to prove to you that you have the smartest boyfriend a girl can have by doing something that you are not expecting.

10). I wish you the best of laugh and pranks on April Fool’s Day to have a beautiful memory for lifetime to share!!!

Celebrating April Fool is against Islamic Guidelines because Islam is against lying. Lying on April fool can also be harmful for others. Islam is against such un-honest traditions.

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