April Fool Messages, Funny Jokes for Friends

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Friends are always special as they are your partners in all the pranks and crimes. You have chosen them yourself and that’s why they are your favorite buddies. Sending them a cute and funny April fool message on 1st April 2023 is a great idea to make them laugh. Surprise them on this amazing day with lovely April fool text messages, April fool text wishes for friends that can be sent on Whatsapp.

Given below are some example April fool text messages and quotes that you can send your best buddies and make it a hilarious day for them.

Funny April Fool Jokes for Friends Messages

“My friend feels he is very intelligent. He said, onions will make you cry, I threw pumpkin on him.it worked.”

“If you feel you are in darkness, pray God for light in your life. If you are still in darkness, then you should pay your electricity bill.”

“Don’t put sense to a fool. You will appear foolish. Happy April fools’s day”

“All of us would all be kings if a fool wears a crown.”

“Propose to a girl on April 1st. Either she accepts or it becomes a prank.”

Happy April Fool Day Messages for Friends

Use these super cute April fools messages that promise to tease and add a smile on the face of your dearest friend on 1st April. Celebrate April fool with these exquisite messages.

1). It has been years since I met you and over all these years I have realized t hat you are worth a million dollars. So if you don’t mind then can I please sell you and become rich?

2). Hey, just wanted to tell you that I have got engaged and will be getting married on 1st April…. Idiot I just made a fool out of you….it’s Fools Day.

3). God created daylight and we called it Sun, God created nightlight and we called it Moon, God created entertainment and we called it fun and when God created you, we all called you Cartoon.

4). I have been missing you a lot my sweetheart.…. Sender: Priyanka Chopra +91-9865986565. “Stupid, don’t be so happy. She sent this love message to me.”

5). I may forget to wish you on Holi, Diwali, Eid and Christmas but I can never forget to wish on your birthday as you are special to me. Happy April Fools Day my friend… I know this is your real birthday.

6). Mil gaya…mil gaya…oye sach mien mil gaya….mil gaya who khaas insaan jo padh raha hai mere April fool day ka special message. You are my dearest sweetest fool.

WhatsApp Prank Messages For Friends

I tied the knot with the one I love the most on February 29th and I have not yet informed anyone. Happy April Fools Day.

I think I have tested positive for COVID 19 and I think I have infected you as well. Happy April Fools Day.

Happy April Fools Day to you my dear. It is good to know that I have a foolish friend who matches my foolish levels.

There is so much credibility issues with people because they treat every day as April Fools Day.

If you think I am foolish then you are double foolish to think that. Happy April Fools Day.

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