Best Prank Proposal Messages for Him and Her – Funny Proposal Lines

prank proposal messages - funny proposal lines

April 1st is all about fooling the ones around you. Make this April Fool’s Day a more special one with prank proposal messages. Send these fake proposal prank messages to him and her and see their reaction. These funny proposal lines will surely make them all laugh.

Enjoy the collection of best prank proposal messages, April fool day message, funny proposal lines in Hindi and English. Share these funny prank proposal lines for girlfriend, boyfriend, him and her on Facebook, WhatsApp.

Prank Proposal Messages

“Whenever I look at you, I see my heart beating faster, I see my brain losing direction…..You really scare the hell out of me….. April Fool!!!”

“I always wonder that the time has passed really fast and there is no one like you that I have ever met….. You are the cutest foolish darling….. Its an April Fool.”

“True love is all about loving someone beyond their negativities and I feel its my true love for you that I love you no matter how stupid you are…. Best wishes on April Fool’s Day.”

“I have always adored your jokes and funniness but with passing time, I realized that they are actually quite foolish….. But I still love you…. Happy Fool’s Day.”

Funny Proposal Lines for Her

“They say fools fall in love and on April 1st, I want to tell you that yes, I am a fool.”

“I love your beauty but I cannot love your brains because you are beauty without brains.”

“Your presence in my life is a signal that love is totally blind.”

“I always wanted to be in love with someone different and you are so different that you don’t have any brains.”

Funny Proposal Lines for Him

“Love is all about looking beyond the negatives of a person and I have learnt to see beyond your empty brains.”

“You are smart, intelligent, talented and amazing and that’s why I love you….. April Fool to you!!!”

“I always fall for brains over beauty and I have been trying to fall in love with you but I cannot because you have no brains.”

“If you love me then there is one thing for sure that you are really very stupid.”

Best Funny Proposal Lines in Hindi

“Maine tumhein tumhari khubsurat surat dekh kar pyaar kiya hai, naa ki tumhari samajhdari.”

“Pyaar wo hai jo har burai aur har kami ke paar chupe insaan ko dekhta hai, jaise ki mera pyaar joh tumari bewakoofiyon ke paar dekhta hai.”

“Jo pyaar karte hain wo paagal kehlate hain aur mujhe bahut Khushi hogi paagal kehlane mein.”

“Agar tum mujh se sahi mein pyaar karte ho toh ek baat toh tay hai ki tum sahi mein bewakoof ho.”

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