Funny Jokes to Send on National Tell a Joke Day – August 16th 2018

Funny Jokes to Send on National Tell a Joke Day August 16th 2018

In this serious and stressful world, a laugh is the most precious thing. That’s the reason we celebrate National Tell a Joke Day every year on August 16th. It is surely a good way to make someone laugh and on the occasion of National Tell a Joke Day, send funny jokes to your family and friends that tickle their funny bones.

We have come up with a collection of some of the funniest jokes to share with your loved ones on National Tell a Joke Day on Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

Funny Jokes to Celebrate National Tell a Joke Day 2018

1). What does a finger tell the thumb? It says that I am in glove with you.

2). A factory which sells good quality products is called SATISFACTORY!!!!

3). What is an alligator called who is also a detective…..??? He is called an Investi-gator.

4). What is that one thing that lights up a soccer ground….Well nothing but a soccer match!!!

5). It is actually pointless to write with a broken pencil.

6). Have you ever wonder that why do cemeteries have gates around them….. That is because people are dying to get inside.

7). Why do seagulls fly over the sea? Because if they will fly over the bay then they will be called bagels.

8). Name one place where you can buy chicken broth in bulk. It is called stock market.

9). The two birds that stick together with each other are called Vel-crows.

10). You know what one tomato said to the other tomato during the race? Well, it said lets ketchup.

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