Laugh Week Day Messages | Laughter Day Funny Jokes

Laugh Week Day Messages

We all know that laughter is the best medicine. Reading and sending funny laughter quotes is a wonderful way to relax your mind. Famous laughter quotes help reduce stress and bring positivity in life. Celebrate laugh week by sending laughter quotes through Whatsapp and facebook to your friends and family that promise better health and stronger mind. Celebrate Laugh Week from 1st April to 7th April by sending wonderful laugh quotes.

Given below are some amazing laughter wishes, laugh quotes and Funny laugh jokes in Hindi and English that give you happiness and peace of mind. Use them to add more colors to your life using these beautiful and lovely World laughter day messages.

Laugh at Work Week Funny Jokes

1). Laughter is the best stress reliever. Let us keep up the humor and stay cheerful.

2).We send positive vibes when we laugh. Let us continue to work with positive attitude.

3). Let celebrate this Laugh at work to promote team building, and cohesiveness among each other

4).Let us spread humor by sharing funny jokes and laughing out.

5). Laughter is contagious. Don’t wait for others to spread..Keep passing on.

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Laugh Week Day Messages, Laugh Quotes

6). The first fact is that you cannot touch your upper lip using your tongue and the second fact is that 99 out of 100 idiots are going to try this…. Are you also one of them?

7). I call you the CUTE… but let me first explain you what CUTE means…. Creating Useless Torment Everywhere…. That surely calls for a good laugh!!!!

8). I think of you and you also think of me…. You know what does that mean? It means that we both are useless and we have no job to do….!!!

9). Where are you? What is keeping you so busy? How much engrossed you are in your work? How can you be so busy for me? See you are wasting all the time reading this message. Call me now.

10). God offered me a wish and I asked him to multiply the brains of my friends by ten. He said even he cannot do that because whatever you multiply with zero, the result is always a zero.

11). I was trying to call you on your number but I got a very surprising message that the monkey that you are trying to reach is on some other tree, please try again later.

12). You must always remember that without stupidity, there can be no wisdom and without ugliness there can be no beauty, so the world needs to have you after all.

13). If you feel little sick, little lost, little sad, little bored and totally out of energy and happiness then you must know that you are suffering from deficiency of Vitamin Me…. Come and meet me soon.

14). Know what I have been looking for a special kind of  a bank which can just do two things for me… it can provide me loan and then it can leave me alone….forever.

15). Do you why women live longer than men? Well the answer is that shopping never causes heart attacks but paying the bills surely can cause one. So save yourself from heart attacks my friend.

Use these funny laugh week messages to bring a smile on your friend, sibling, parents or spouse’s face. Each of these laugh quotes are truly hilarious and fun to read. Give your tensions a break with these amazing laughter messages.

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