Laughter Day 2024: Funny Laughter Jokes, Funny Messages

World Laughter Day Funny Jokes, Laughter Funny Messages

First Sunday in the month of May reminds you to have a good laugh as it is a World Laughter Day. Celebrate this day with your family and friends by sharing with them some hilarious World Laughter Day messages and laugh of the day jokes. Don’t miss on sharing with all Laughter Day funny messages and hilarious jokes of the jokes that will certainly make it a day full of smiles and laughs for everyone. The funny jokes in Hindi and English make a fantastic way to tickle that funny bone.

Look no further as we bring to you the newest World Laughter Day Funny Jokes to share. With these Laughter Day jokes, you can make everyone laugh. You can even have jokes for WhatsApp and Facebook shared with your dear ones.

World Laughter Day Funny Jokes 2024

“Just wanted to remind you to stand in front of the mirror and laugh because you make an awesome joke. Happy World Laughter Day.”

“There is no problem when you see a cockroach in your pizza. What’s a problem is seeing just half of it.”

“Husband sent a message to his wife with one spelling mistake. “I wish you were her.” And now he is in trouble.”

“Always marry someone who doesn’t like pizza because then you don’t have to share your pizza at all.

“Laughter is the best medicine but never try this medicine when you are getting scolded by your elders.”

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World Laughter Day Funny Jokes in Hindi

“Agar hasne se calories burn hoti hain toh socho zor zor se hasne se tum kitne patle ho sakte ho.”

“Humein kisi World Laughter Day ki zarurat nahin hasne ke liye kyunki har din hasna zaruri hai humare liye.”

“Hasna hai toh apne dosto par haso aur tumhe Jeevan mein koi dukh nahi satayega.”

“Agar pati khane ke samay achar maange toh samajh lena ki tumhari sabzi mein dam nahi. Aur saath hi yeh bhi samajh lema ki tumhare pati mein bhi dum nahi.”

“Ek ladkhi ache se taiyar hokar aatm hatya karne jaa rahi thi taki kal akhbar mein uski photo achi aaye.”

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Laughter Jokes for Whatsapp, Facebook

“Sam asked his teacher if she is going to scold him for doing nothing and she said a no. Sam was saved because he did nothing in his homework.”

Smile has the power to burn your fat. If you want to slim down, keep laughing.”

“It is always a good idea to laugh but laughing without a reason can make you stupid.”

Laughing at a good joke is always considered intelligent. Don’t make a fool of yourself just because it is World Laughter Day.”

Laugh not because it is World Laughter Day. Laugh because it is just another day and you are happy.”

Laughter Jokes for Facebook

“The one who teaches is called a teacher. Now think what a person is called who tells jokes.”

“Jokes can also hurt sometimes. They can really hurt your cheeks if they are really good.”

“The best thing about jokes is that they lighten up the atmosphere and also help you burn calories.”

“A nursery student doesn’t want to go to school. When asked what would he do to earn money. He said he will take tuitions for nursery girls.”

“If you can laugh then you are really blessed to have laughing jaws. Use them on World Laughter Day.”

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