Funny Love Messages for Friends

Funny Love Messages Friends

The love messages are sent to express the love feelings for friends. The wishes can be sent through text messages to friends to show one’s love and care or him or her. The funny love messages are humorous and make the person feel funny. The funny wishes brings smile on the faces of the friends. Friends often send messages to each other through texts. Following are some of the samples of funny love messages for friends sent in different ways:

Funny Birthday Love Messages for Friends

Friends often wish one another on birthdays by sending funny wishes. The funny love wishes express the best wishes on birthdays and also show the love and care for the friend making him or her feel happier. The wishes can be sent through text messages for friends to make their birthday more special.

“For my friend, I wish you a happy birthday on your special day. You are the best person of my life whom I love dearly with all my heart and so I send you a heart picture for you on your birthday. Have fun.”

Funny Valentine Love Messages for Friends

Valentine’s Day is a day of celebration of love. The feeling of love is best and special among people and is one of the most treasured emotions. The funny valentine love wishes express the love feelings for the friend as well makes the person feel funny. The sweet wishes are humorous for friends.

“I wish you a happy valentine’s day my friend. Let this special valentine day, you find someone your type at least. It would be a relief for me. I wish you celebrate your valentine day beautifully.”

Funny Love Messages for Friends on Facebook

Facebook is a largest social networking site where friends communicate with each other and send messages to one another. The cute and funny love wishes for friends on Facebook are short, humorous and expresses love feelings for the friends on social site Facebook.

“My friend, you are one of the special persons of my life whom I love dearly. I sent you this special message on Facebook to make you realize that you have a friend out here whom you should call sometime or else face unfriendly status on the site.”

Sample Miscellaneous funny love messages or friends:

“My friend I wish you a happy and marvelous valentine’s day and wish you celebrate the special day with your loved one and get one soon. It would be better for me as I would be able to find one for myself too.”

“ I send all my love for you my friend through Facebook and hope you read my message soon to communicate with me back after such a long time.”

“I wish you a wonderful birthday celebration my friend. You are my dear lovely friend and I would be there at your place soon for the birthday party. Be prepared with good food and stuff. Happy birthday.”

“ Have a happy valentine’s day my dear friend. On this special valentine day you deserve the best person of your type which I hope you find soon. I wish you a marvelous celebration on the love filled day.”

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