Proposal Messages for Boyfriend

Proposal message for boyfriend is all about expressing your love and desire to your boyfriend. A girl sent such proposal message to her boyfriend to let him know how much she loves him. The words of the message express your feelings and emotion in the same as you have feelings for him. A romantic text message makes your bonding stronger and your boyfriend too will be happy receiving such loving text. We present a good collection of proposal message samples for giving you some good ideas for your text. Send this message with a romantic gift or write it on a beautiful card.

Proposal Messages for Ex Boyfriend

Sometimes emotions and feelings never wipe out from your hearts, even though you broke up with your boyfriend. A proposal message to Ex Boyfriend expresses your emotions as you still have thoughts of him. A beautiful text helps in bringing out your feelings.

“Some beautiful memories which we have spent together always remind me of you. Though we are apart today, but the memories never let me alone. Those moments will always stay in my mind.”

Love Proposal Messages for Boyfriend

Express your love to your boyfriend by sending a sweet ad cute love text to him. Your message explains your feeling of love romantically to your boyfriend. The emotions and your feelings get its proper meaning with words.

“Your love makes my life beautiful and in your arms I can leave all worry behind. You are always in my heart and I can see you even in my close eyes and feel you with my heartbeat. Bring together drives out my every pain and I want to be with you for the rest of my life.”

Funny Proposal Messages for Boyfriend

A funny proposal message brings a sweet smile on your boyfriend’s face. A funny text gives him an immense pleasure as well as expresses your love and feelings to him. Send a funny proposal message to make him happy.

“Love makes everything great, like suddenly moon looks bigger, suddenly stars are falling from the sky, suddenly rain comes; no its not filmy, all happened in real when I saw you first. Your love is magic.”

Miscellaneous samples of proposal messages for boyfriend:

“I fall in love many times, but only with you and with the time, I fall dipper because I love you more than yesterday but it is not much more than tomorrow. I love you.”

“With you, I enjoy many colors of love through laugh, crying, sharing and caring. It is true, dear one is not always near one, but you always stay in my heart. In your hug, I can find my joy of living. I love you always and forever.”

“You know my silence, you know my cry, and you know me even more than myself. You give me your joy and take my pain and you are the love of my life and the true life partner God gave me. I love you.”

“You make me feel what love is and leaning down my head on your shoulder, I can feel it. It is a beautiful feeling that makes my life complete and it is you, I find the reason of my living. I love you forever.”

“You become a friend when you make me laugh, you become my supporter when I lose confidence, you become a consultant when I need advice and you become a lover when you hold me tight in your arms. At each step of my life, I need you because I love you.”

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