Proposal Messages for Ex Boyfriend

In the life, we have made many decisions, some went in our favor, but some gave us a pain and sooner or later, we realized that we have made a mistake. Breaking up a relationship is the same decision that makes us feel poor and if you still have a feeling for your ex boyfriend and want him to back in your life, then sending a proposal message is the best thing, through which you can explore your emotion very well.

Here a beautiful collection of proposal message for ex boyfriend is presented below:

1). We together made our path apart that no longer meet again, but the feelings are the same as it was before; rather I miss you more; the moments never make me alone, I wish you would never let me go.

2). My life today has many colors, but still it is not complete yet; as you went away, my life has lost the brightest colors of love, give me the color back again and make my life complete. Love you.

3). It is not your fault, not even mine. Time did not fall into what we have planned for the life. It is true, distances are wide, but make it short again. Without you, everything seems dark and nothing. Love you.

4). We have gone away, but you cannot take your memories along, it is still with me and makes me reminds of the golden days of past. The smile, we shared, forgets to come now. Only you can bring it again to my life.”

5). The life was beautiful, but now it is not; since we separate, life turns down the way of smile and joy. Today I realize what I lost, it is not you, but my heart. Let’s forget the past and enjoy the life together. Love you.

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