Marriage Proposal Rejection Messages

Marriage Proposal Rejection Messages

Rejecting marriage is heartbreaking, but still, you need to handle this issue in a mature way and try to express your desire in a polite way so that it cannot hurt anybody. The best way to let your emotion out is through sending a proposal rejection message. Frame the words nicely and express the reason behind the decision so that the person, you send this message can understand your sentiment.

Here a collection of marriage proposal rejection message samples is listed below:

1). I know it is hurting, but marriage is a commitment of love and togetherness; we have just started a journey together, let us be matured and then we promise each other for the life long relationship.

2). It is not your fault, not even mine; it is the time that does not fall into what we planned for our life. Let the relationship be the same for a while and when the darkness goes, we will be together again.

3). You are the loveliest person I have ever met, but bonding together in a relationship forever is not exactly the same. Being with you makes me feel good, but we both need time to move together for the life.

4). You are not the same as I am, you have your qualities, which are beautiful indeed, but we are not made for each other couple in this life; it hurts you, but it is the truth that I want to tell.

5). Don’t take me wrong, but we are too young to share such responsibility right now; every relation needs time to blossom, so does ours; I want to be with you forever, but hold my hand for now.

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