Funny Proposal Message for Girlfriend

Funny Proposal Message for Girlfriend

Do you want to make your love proposal memorable for the rest of the life? If so, send a beautiful and loving message to your girlfriend, but in a funny way so that it proposes what is in your mind as well as makes her feel delight. Open up your heart in a romantic way, adding the moment of fun and let the magic spread all the corner.

Here a sweet collection of funny proposal message for girlfriend is essayed below:

1). There will be another girl in my life other than you, whom I will love so much and can do everything for her smile; don’t feel jealous as it will be our daughter. I love you so much.

2). I don’t know what future keeps in store for us, but I want to share everything with you what I have. We fight together, we care for each other, we argue together and we love each other. Being together always

3). I don’t need any job, as my work is to take care of you, my office is in your heart, my salary is your smile and my post is a mad lover of you. You are everything for me and I will always be with you.

4). If making me annoyed gives you smile, I am ready to carry on this mood forever in my life; the person with whom I want to share my each emotion is you and no one else in my life. Love you so much.

5). You are no less than a doctor as you can heal my all pains with your smile; you can heal my all wounds with your touch; taking you in my arms gives me strength; giving you a tight hug cures my all problem. Love you.

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