Proposal Message for Ex Girlfriend

Proposal Message for Ex Girlfriend

In our life, some decisions are taken roughly and sooner or later, we realize what we did. Breaking up a relationship is also such decision that gives pain later. If you still have feelings for your girlfriend and want to get back her in your life, sending a beautiful love proposal message can help. Pour your all emotions through the words and make the message loving and nice. Add your personal memories that you have shared together through the words.

Here a nice collection of proposal message samples for ex-boyfriend is presented below:

1). It is true, we moved on in our life, leaving the old relation behind, but some feelings are still there that make me realize the life we shared together. I still love you, be together again.

2). There are many reasons to smile, but there is also a reason to cry and this emotion is so deep that overshadowed all the joy; without you, I lost my smile and I lost the feelings to be happy. Come back into my life.

3). The more I want to go away the more I love you; you are a part of my life without which life has no meaning to live; decisions are taken, but don’t take it in your heart; you are always mine and let the relationship start again.

4). The time we spent together are immortal, the moments we made together are golden; my past was wonderful as it had you, but my present has everything still something is missing. The something is, you, my love.

5). Some decisions only give pain and nothing else, parting away with you cover my life with the dark, only your smile can drive it out. What we did, leave them behind and make the life same again as it was.

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