Indirect Love Proposal Messages

Indirect Love Proposal Messages

Proposing love is always difficult and if it is not framed properly, the result may not go with you. The best way to open up your heart to your loved one is through an indirect love proposal message. Let your loved one know about your feelings, but not in a direct way, without losing the romantic feelings. Send a beautiful message to him/her and propose what you are trying to say.

Here a nice collection of romantic indirect love proposal message samples is presented below:

1).Other than you if there will be a girl in my life whom I love so much, will be our daughter and no one else. Will you be the mother of my daughter? I love you so much and I want to share my each emotion.

2).If you feel scared, hold my hand, if you feel pain, let me give you a hug; if you smile; let me share it and if you want an extra heart, take it from me, but take care of it with your love; I love you so much.

3).I love the way you are; I love the way you speak; be my around and I don’t need anything else. Just place me in your heart and never let me go; love me with all your emotion and I will always be with you.

4).I love you so much; all say love makes people mad, but for me, it is you; all say love makes the life beautiful, but for me, it is you; you are everything in my life, without you I would prefer to die.

5).The journey of life is not that easy and setting out a voyage alone makes me crazy; I need you to be with me, to love me and support me and I promise I never let you alone. Share your life with me.

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