Marriage Proposal Message to a Girl

Marriage Proposal Message to a Girl

Proposing marriage to a girl is itself a big thing and to make your proposal more interesting, you can send a marriage proposal message expressing your all emotion to her. The decision is big, so to make the moment memorable, sending a marriage proposal message is the best way to present your emotion of heart to the girl of your life. You can add your personal moments so that the girl you love feel very special to you.

Here a nice collection of marriage proposal message samples to a girl is essayed below:

1). Some miles we have crossed together, but the journey of life is not the end here; sharing one path, one life and one soul with you makes my life beautiful. Will you be my partner for the lifetime? Love you.

2). Other than you, if I say I love you to a girl, it would be our loving daughter; but I want you to stay by my side and feel the moment with me; let’s give a name to our relation and be my wife forever. I love you.

3). I know staying with me and sharing emotion is difficult, but if in this world anyone could handle me is you and no one else; you may find a better life partner than me; but for me, you are the one and the last option. I love you.

4). Ups and downs are there, but I promise you, I never let you alone, even not for a single second; we together face the hurdles come our way and make those smoother with our love and care; Be mine always and forever.

5). Without you, life is impossible to live; you are my smiles in pain, you are my joy in success; be with me always and forever; we argue, but we love too, it is our life and let it be the same forever. Will you marry me.

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