Proposal Message for Husband

Proposal Message for Husband

There are lots of things you want to tell your husband, but sometimes you cannot express it. You can write a proposal message for husband to bring out your thoughts and feelings to him. The words of the message tell him how much you love him and bring back all those past memories that you have spent together. The message adds a charm in your relation and your message of love brings a sweet smile on his face. The message expresses your wishes and promises to your husband. Here, we present a great collection of proposal message samples for your husband as to give your feelings the words.

Funny Proposal Message for Husband

Expressing your feeling to your husband makes him feel special to you. Write a funny proposal message to your husband to bring a sweet smile on his face and it makes your bonding stronger. Though your words are funny, but it expresses your true feelings.

“It is true, I am imperfect, but only when I am alone; when you are around me, your love makes me perfect. It is not only in the case of mine, but also yours. We together make a perfect couple so being together always. I love you.”

Romantic Proposal Message for Husband

A romantic proposal message tells your husband about your love in a very romantic way. Expressing your feelings is necessary to let your husband know about your love and emotion and it adds a romantic mood to the environment.

“When you are with me, I need not bother about the whole world. For me, your heart is my place and in your arms, I find the peace. Your smile makes me smile and your cry makes eyes wet. You are the reason of my life and love.”

Miscellaneous samples of romantic proposal message for husband:

“Tears seem more romantic when you are with me, you give your support and hold me tight in your arms and I forget every worry and being happy in your love. I want to share my emotion with you because I love you.”

“Love me not from your mind, but from your heart, because mind knows the age and it grew old with time, but heart always pump the fresh feeling in each vain to love me more and more. I love you.”

“The moments we have spent together always stay with me and make my life beautiful, but lots of beautiful moments are yet to spend, so I want to be with you always to make my tomorrow wonderful.”

“Till the last breath of my life, I love you. My life lives with you, my world ends in you, you are the everything in my life. God made us each other and we made each other loving. I love you always and forever. ”

“We fight, we made up; we argued and we agreed; we love and we live; it is our life and there is no place for being alone. I want to share my life with you as well as my every emotion. I love you.”

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