Proposal Messages for a Girl

Proposal Messages for a Girl

A boy writes a proposal message for a girl to let her know about his feelings and emotions. A sweet and loving message can express your love to her and the words tell everything about your heart. You can add your personal memories to the message to make it more loving. The message brings the charm of your life and you will also feel happy to express your emotions to your loved one. Here we present a loving collection of proposal message samples for a girl; you can add your own feeling with the messages.

Love Proposal Message to a Girl

Proposing love to a girl is a difficult thing and a sweet message can express your feelings to your loved one. Write down a loving text message that opens up your heart to him. Your words should be heart touching.

“You prevail in my heart and my life, even you are away, but I can see you in my close eyes. You are the love of my life and you are everything for me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you.”

Messages to Propose a Girl Indirectly

If you want to propose a girl, but don’t know the answer, then send her a message that says very sweetly you are in love with her. Express your emotion in the words in a very romantic manner. Your message should be such that indirectly propose her.

“Other than you, if I say I love you to another girl, it would be our daughter. Do you want to share this feeling with me? Be mine and I will be yours.”

Message to Propose a Girl for Friendship

Proposing for a girl for the friendship with a message is a great idea. Present your emotion as a friend to her through the words. A sweet and loving message brings a joy of life.

“Friend is one who always stands by your side to support you, who always hold your hand in any situation, who cry with you and laugh with you. I promise you, I will be a true friend of yours. ”

Miscellaneous sample of proposal messages for girl:

“Life is good when it is with you and arguments, fighting and disagreements, I accept everything when you are with me. Because I know I love you and no one in the world can replace you.”

“Some say love is a feeling, some say love is a dream, but for me love is you. You bring happiness in my world and you share my pain with your heart, you make me perfect. Without you, I am nothing. I love you.”

“Love makes everything beautiful as I am in love with you, I can feel the beautiful sunset with you, I can paint my life with the colors of the rainbow, I can feel the lovely breeze floated over a blossom. Everything seems more than perfect when you find your partner, just like me.”

“I love you because you never let me alone, not for a single moment. Sometimes physical distances hide you from me, but no matter how far you are, I can feel it in my heart. Being together and forever.”

“For living my life, I want your smile and a place in your heart and I don’t want anything else. Your smile makes me always happy and in your heart, I always stay close to you. I love you.”

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