Message to Propose a Girl for Friendship

Friendship is the best relationship in the world and everyone wants to have the best friend in life to whom, he/she can share some good moments for the lifetime. If you want to propose a girl to become a friend, send a message to her expressing your all emotions and thoughts through the words. Present your feelings in a beautiful way. The message brings out your emotion to your friend.

Here a sweet collection of message samples to propose a girl for friendship is presented below:

1). I need a friend like you, who corrects me when I do wrong, who supports me when no one will be there for me, who praises me in my success and who scolds me in my mistake.

2). The one relationship that does not have any condition, is friendship, friends love each other from heart and believe each other from heart. Be my friend and you never have complaints of running out of love.

3). True friends are those, who cry together, we smile together; or rather who dry out the tears and give smile to each other; if you say yes, we can become true friends together and forever.

4). Let the relationship start with friendship, the only bonding in the world that gives you smiles and nothing else. I am ready to argue with you, rather fight with you, but promise you, I will always be with you.

5). Sharing smile and pain with you gives me the richest feelings of the world, friendship. Distance may come, but let not stretch it too far, we never meet with each other; the world of love, joy, smiles and lots of games is waiting for us.

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