Proposal Messages for Friendship

Proposal Messages for Friendship

Friendship is the joy of life and without friends, nothing seems enjoyable. We need friends to make our life entertaining, because to share our gossip, to share our feelings and the most importantly to share our time, we need friends. For all, friend means someone who always stands by you in every situation. So, your proposal message for friendship brings out your true emotion for them. The text message for friendship is a very genuine and true in its sense. If your feelings do not find any words to express your emotion, then you can check out our collection of proposal message samples for friendship.

1). Without friends, no fun in study, no game in break, no inspiration in work and no joy in life. I am happy to have a sweet friend like you who make my life wonderful. The smile always stays on my face because you are my smiling friend who will always be with me.

2). You realize me why sharing things with you makes me happy and caring for you gives me peace, because friendship means sharing and caring. We disagree and we fight, we feel bad and we love, is all about our friendship.

3). Friendship is a bonding that makes you cry when your friend cries, that make you smile when your friend smile and that makes you adviser when your friend needs you. Friend loves you in your success and scold you in wrong. Our friendship is such so I thank you to be my friend.

4). There are so many arguments, so many disagreements and so many misunderstandings, but nothing is big enough to make distance in our friendship. Our love is stronger than anything. I want to be your friends forever.

5). In my friendship there is no complains and no demand, but has lots of love and lots of fun. I want you as my friend, with whom I can share everything, even my pain. To enjoy the life in its full swing let’s be the true friend forever.

6). You are my friend, but you have many roles to play, like my supporter, adviser, a love expert and many things. You are my true friend because you are always with me, especially in my problem. You always have faith in me. Thank you for being so nice.

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