Marriage Proposal Messages

Marriage Proposal Text Messages

A Marriage proposal message is for proposing your loved one for the marriage. When you say marry me to your special one, don’t you think you should propose in a more romantic and creative way? Proposing for marriage is a precious moment for a couple so make it more sweet and loving by writing a beautiful proposal message. You can include your personal memories that touch your loved one’s heart. If you are searching for the ideas to write your marriage proposal text message, we present a beautiful collection of proposal message samples for you.

Marriage Proposal Message to a Girl

Proposing a girl for a marriage is a romantic experience. Express your personal feelings in a beautiful way to her and present your thoughts of being together. Your marriage proposal text message brings out your emotion of love.

“Life will be beautiful if you are with me. I can go anywhere in the world if you are with me. I can face any problem if you are with me. Now the time has come to be with me; will you marry me.”

Romantic Marriage Proposal Messages

Express your love to propose your loved one for the marriage. The words bring out every emotion of your heart that you may hide from your special person. The message presents your emotion in a sweet and romantic manner.

“I can win the world with my one hand, if you hold another for the life time. I promise, our love story will be the sweetest among all and our children will proud of us having such loving parents. Will you share this emotion with me?”

Marriage Proposal Rejection Messages

Marriage proposal rejection message comes with a heart breaking note, but you can politely reject the marriage proposal of someone. The words of the message explain the reason with expressing your emotion. Your message tells about your feelings.

“Don’t be hurt because I know I lose someone who loves me the most, but you lose someone who never loves you. So, it is my bad luck, not yours; life with you may be awesome, but I have my own way to go.”

Miscellaneous samples of marriage proposal messages:

“Time has come to become one to two, let’s experience a life with me and you. We decorate our family with love and we keep each other in hearts. Life seems complete, so does living. I love you.”

“God made us each other as a couple, now it is our turn of being together; tie a knot which is as strong as our love, nothing can ever break it or tear it ever. I am ready to be your partner for the lifetime.”

“I want to share my life with you, whatever I have, you have too. I don’t know about our future, but I promise you I love you more and more with time. Lots of love and fun, I want to give you and nothing else.”

“I will you keep you in my arms, never let you go. I want to take your all pains and want to give you only happiness because your smile brings hope in my life. I will make you smile for the rest of my life.”

“Love brings us closer to each other. We fight, but we love, it is our relation. Do you want to continue this for the lifetime? I want to start a life being together. Will you marry me?”

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