First Love Proposal Messages

Sweet First Love Proposal Messages

Proposing love is always a difficult thing, especially when it is about your first love proposal. You may want to say lots of things to your loved one, but your emotion cannot meet with its expression, which you want to tell him/her. The best way to open up your heart to your loved one is sending a loving proposal message and you can present your emotion beautifully. Send your loving quote with all your emotion and let the words cast its magic over your loved one.

Here a heart touching first love proposal message samples is presented below:

1). My heart says something to you; it says it loves you; it is true, whenever I see you my heart misses its beat; I want to place you in my heart to save my life; I love you so much.

2). You are the one who steals my smiles; you are the one who comes in my dream every night; you are the one I want to keep always by my side and you are the one with whom, I want to share my life forever. Love you.

3). If love brings happiness to life, you are the love of my life; if love makes everything wonderful, I am in love with you; sharing my joy and pain with you gives me the sense of being. Be mine always and forever.

4). It is not just the words, but it’s the feelings of my heart; my life seems incomplete, though it has everything; it needs you to feel the richest sense of the world, love. Let’s share a journey together. Love you so much.

5). I love you the way you are; I didn’t know when you come into my life and became a part of it, but now it is impossible to live my life without you; I promise I never let you alone. Love you so much.

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