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Mothers Day Messages for Wife

The birth of a child is a beautiful experience for the wife who experiences endless joys and happiness in her life. As she carries the baby in her arms, it gives her a motherly bonding with the new born and starts a new journey of life. As such, sending funny mother’s day wishes for her would make her feel loved and joy forever. The husband and friends can also send gifts for the wife and the new born baby to make the occasion ore special.

Some of the fascinating samples of mother’s day wishes and greetings  messages 2018 for wife are given below to send:

1). You have always been an amazing wife and now I can very proudly say that you make the most wonderful mother….. The way you take care of our children, the way you have been bringing them up is truly commendable….. Wishing you Happy Mother’s Day.

2). It is definitely not easy being a mom but you are not just any regular mom, you are the supermom to our kids….. Despite being working, you give them all your time and attention…. I am blessed to have a wife like you…. A very Happy Mother’s Day to you my love.

3). I am very sure that our children will grow up to become the most responsible and successful kids because they have a mom like you who is always there to guide them right and make them strong individuals…. Happy Mother’s Day to an inspiring mother.

4). You are not just an amazing wife but you make a wonderful mother as well….. Me and our kids are very fortunate to have you in our lives…. You are the center of our universe and reason for all our smiles…. Warm wishes to you on Mother’s Day my love.

5). The way you have raised our children, the way you have groomed them is truly commendable…. I am glad to have a partner like you who has always made me proud…. Send greetings to you on Mother’s Day as you make the best mom to our children. Love you to the moon and back!!

6). I wish our daughter grows up just like you because you have been the most inspiring woman…. A caring daughter, a loving wife and a patient mother who has always kept her children and family at priority….. Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day my dearest wife.

7). The love and care with which you have raised our children has always motivated me to become a better father….. your motherhood has been a strong inspiration for me to go best for our kids…. With lots of love, wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day.

8). Strong and independent children are a reflection of the character, strength, hard work of their parents…. And our children are amazing because they have the best mother in the world who is their role model….. Happy Mother’s Day to my awesome wife.

9). Dear wife, happy mother’s day wishes for you. I am much happy with the birth of our daughter and hope you both cherish the bond with much love and care.

10). Loving happy mother’s day wishes for my sweet wife. Let the new born son bring endless love and happiness in your life and you share the motherly bond with deep affection.

11). Happy mother’s day wishes for my cute wife. I hope this bond of love between you and the baby be the best and bring much prosperity in all our lives always.

12). This text carries happy mother’s day wishes for my dear wife with love. Your support and care for the baby is what gives meaning to his life and I hope it remain forever like this.

13). Happy mother’s day wishes for my wife. I wish you and our new born share endless special moments of great bonding and love always.

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