Mothers Day Messages

Mothers Day Messages

Mothers are a precious gift of God. They are sent to nourish and love the child to no end and to make him or her better person in this world. The bonding and relationship shared between a mother and the child is ever so special and lovely to be cherished forever. Mother’s day wishes are sent to mothers, grandmothers and mother in laws from their children to celebrate the special bond of motherly love they shower. The wishes can also be sent with gifts for them to make them happy. Some of the excellent mother’s day messages sent in different ways are given below to choose from and send:

Mother’s Day Messages from Daughter

A daughter mother relationship is a special bond shared between them. The relationship between the daughter and the mother is more like friends to cherish and share. The daughter can send beautiful gifts and loving wishes on mother’s day to make the mother happy.

“For sweet mother, this text carries happy mother’s day wishes from your daughter. I hope the motherly love you shower on me stays deep and strong forever and you love me always.”

Mother’s Day Messages from Son

A son and a mother share a special bond of love and the son can send beautiful mother’s day wishes on the special day to cherish that bond. He can also send gifts for the mother to make her feel happy and special. A mother becomes much glorious when her son makes her proud with love.

“For my dear mother, this text carries happy mother’s day from your son. You have been a constant inspiration and I would love you forever with my heart. “

Mothers Day Messages for Mother in Law

A mother in law is a new addition and a special person in one’s life. Mother’s day wishes are the best way to show the affection one has for the mother in law and to make her happy forever. The mother in law showers all love for her children and also her son and daughter in law.

“This text carries happy mother’s day wishes for my mother in law. I also send beautiful gifts to cherish and celebrate the motherly love you shower on me always.”

Mothers Day Messages for a Friend

Mother’s day wishes can be sent to a friend who has become a mother recently. The wishes would make her feel special and loved in every way. She would definitely be much excited to receive the wishes from her friends who celebrate the motherly bond with her.

“Happy mother’s day wishes for my dear friend. I hope you new born son brings you much happiness in your life and you cherish the motherly love forever.”

Mothers Day Messages for Grandma

A grandma would love to receive the mother’s day wishes from her children. She is a mother for her kids and a grandmother to her grandchildren and as such wishing her on mother’s day would only make her happiest with love.

“Loving happy mother’s day wishes for my grandma. I send gifts to celebrate the motherly love with which you have made your children generous people in the family and society.”

Mothers Day Messages for Wife

A wife would be much happy to receive mother’s day wishes on the birth of her child. The husband can also show his love by gifting presents on mother’s day for her and her baby. This would also develop the deep bond between the parents and the baby as well as the husband and the wife.

“Through this text, I wish my wife a happy mother’s day. I hope the motherly bond you share with our new born daughter be one of the best and special relationship of all.”

Mothers Day Messages for Sister

A sister is a great sibling to share every experience in life. As such when the sister becomes a mom, mother’s day wishes sent by the sibling would make her happier tenfold and she would be much excited to cherish the new born baby love.

“For my sister, heartfelt happy mother’s day wishes for you. Let the new born baby bring much love and happiness in your life and you cherish the motherly bonding in special ways.”

First Mother’s Day Message from Husband

The first mother’s day wishes from a husband can be sent to his wife who has given birth to the first child. The wishes would make the wife feel happier to share and cherish the new born with her husband. The husband can also send gifts for the wife with the first mother day wishes.

“Happy first mother’s day wishes for my sweet wife. I am much happy that you have given me the world with our first born daughter and I send gifts to celebrate this special occasion.”

Mother’s Day Message for first time mom

First time mothers share a special bond with their children. The feelings of being a mother for the first time is beautiful as she holds the baby in her arms and cuddles her for the first time. It gives her never ending joy and love. The mother’s day wishes can be sent to the first time mom with gifts.

“For a first time mom, happy mother’s day wishes for you. I am sure you would nurture your first born with much love and affection and the bond you both have would bring you much happiness.”

Mother Day Message for Dead Mother

For a dead mother, one can send beautiful mother’s day wishes to remember the mother and cherish the special bonding moments shared with her through memories and memorial. The wishes for the mother who has passed away can be sent through texts and prayers for the loving mom.

“Happy mother’s day for my mother who passed away. You are forever in my heart mom and I love you always with much deep affection and love.”

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