First Mother’s Day Message from Husband

First Mother's Day Message from Husband

The husband can send beautiful first mother’s day messages to his wife to wish her on the special relationship bonding shared by a mother and a child. A mother’s day is celebrated to nourish and recognize the lovely bond of mother and the child. The first mother’s day wishes would make the wife feel extremely happy and loved. One can also send beautiful gifts for the mother to make the occasion more special. The mother day wishes and quotes can be sent through text messages.

Some of the beautiful examples of first mother’s day message from the husband 2018 are given below to choose and send:

1). It is a very special day for you…. Your first Mother’s Day….. Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day on behalf of our baby….. We know that you will make the most amazing mother in the world and we both love you a lot mummy!!!!

2). You have been an exceptional wife and I have been a lucky husband….. Now I am sure you will be a fantastic mother and our kid will be a blessed child….. Warm wishes to you on your first Mother’s Day…. Be prepared to showered with more love from next year onwards.

3). Dearest wife, you have made me the happiest man in the world and you are all set to make our baby the most fortunate child in this universe with all your love, affection and care….. Sending you lots of love and warm wishes on first Mother’s Day!!!!

4). You are like that one thread which has kept us together…. You are the energy which keeps us going…. You are that music which gives life to the lyrics…. You are a magical mom and wonderful wife… With lots of love and affection, wishing you Happy Mother’s Day.

5). May you are always smiling and happy….. May you are always full of energy and strength…. May you are always there with us loving us, pampering us and guiding us to reach our goals…. From your children and husband, a very Happy Mother’s Day sweetheart. You are the best.

6). Dear wife, I send happy first mother’s day wishes especially for you. You have given me the world with the lovely child and I wish you on this special day with gifts.

7). To my loving wife, sweet happy first mother’s day wishes for you. The bond you share with our daughter may bloom into a beautiful relationship to be cherished always.

8). This text carry happy first mother’s day wishes for my wife who gave birth to our baby. I am much thrilled with the birth of our son and hope the motherly bonding you share with him flourish with time.

9). Through this text, I would like to wish my wife a happy first mother’s day. Our first child has brought us never ending happiness and I hope the relationship between you both also be the best.

10). Happy first mother’s day wishes for my caring wife. Our world which is our baby has made our relationship more special and I wish your motherly love nourish it more with love.

11). There is only one thing that makes a woman a superwoman and that is the love she has for her kids…. The kind of love you have for our children which knows no boundaries….. Warm wishes to the supermom and the super wife on Mother’s Day. You rock my love.

12). Being a mother is not an easy job and raising the kids right is no joke but I am so glad that you have played this role with perfection, managed our babies and your goals and never compromised with the future of our kids….. Happy Mother’s Day to my loving wife.

13). When I look at you I see an amazing wife and a doting mother who can make the impossible possible for her family…. We are fortunate to have you as an integral part of our lives…. Sending loveliest wishes to you on Mother’s Day because you are truly special.

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