Mothers Day Messages for Nanny

Mothers Day Messages for Nanny

Mother’s Day is a celebration to honor the mother of the family and it also includes celebration of all other maternal bond and motherhood. For some of us, nanny is like a mother figure who has always been there to take care of you and your needs just like the way your mother would have. Therefore, she is close to your heart and always very special to you. Second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day in India and in 2023, this day will fall on 14th May.

Given below is the finest collection of the best Happy Mother’s Day wishes, sample mother day messages which you can use to wish your dearest and most adorable nanny who has always showered you with love, affection  and care just like a mother. These beautiful funny Mothers day quotes and heartfelt messages bring out the hidden feelings in the most touching manner.

Happy Mother’s Day Quotes and Wishes Messages for nanny

1). You have been taking caring of me at every point in life….. Your guidance and support has always helped me face the difficult challenges in life…. Sending warm greetings to the most amazing Nanny on Mother’s Day.

2). The respect and love that I have for you in my heart cannot be put into words…. You are not just a nanny to me but you are more like a mother…. With lots of love and wishes, I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day….. Thanks for being so caring and loving!!!

3). The love and affection you have for me reflects in your eyes and in everything you do to make me happy….. I am so fortunate to have a nanny like you who has always taken good care of me since I was a small girl….. Happy Mother’s Day to you…. love you!!!

4). Dear Nanny, you are the best woman on this planet. You have nurtured me with your affection and made me a responsible and respectable person. I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day.

5). You have not given me birth but you have raised me in the best possible manner. You have given me your attention, love and care which has made me a complete child. Happy Mother’s Day.

6). God sent you in my life like an angel to take care of me. And you offered me unconditional love beyond all expectations. You are just like a mother to me. Sending you warm wishes on Mother’s Day.

7). Dearest Nanny, your place in my heart is above all as you have helped me in every step of my life like my real mother. I thank you for everything you gave me. Happy Mother’s Day.

8). One person who is responsible for my success is my nanny who raised me, loved me and took best care of me all my life. Thank you so much for your attention. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

9). You have made me smile when I was sad. You have fed me when I was hungry. You have guided me when I was lost. You are my best friend and sweetest nanny. Wishing you Happy Mother’s Day.

10). If I have to name one person who means the most to me in my life… then it is you dear nanny. Thank you for your time, love and attention. Sending you warm wishes on Mother’s Day.

11). You may not be my mother but you are not less than my mother. The way you have taken care of me for all those years, only an incredible woman could have done that. Happy Mother’s Day.

12). No matter how old I get, I would always crave for your attention and love because you are like a mother to me. I will always love you. Wishing you a wonderful and Happy Mother’s Day 2023.

13). I am so lucky to have found a mother in my nanny. You showered me with your love and affection when I needed it the most. Sending you warm wishes on Mother’s Day nanny.

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