Mother’s Day Messages for Granny

Mothers Day Messages for Granny

Mother’s Day is a day dedicated to all the mothers and motherly figures in our lives. It is a celebration of maternal bond and motherhood. After mothers, grannies are the most caring and affectionate who give unconditional love and warmth to their grandchildren.  Mother’s Day is also the day to wish your grandmother who is always so much giving and comforting for us. Thank her for all her love and send her heartfelt wishes on Mother’s Day which will fall on 14th May in the year 2017.

These beautiful and funny quotes and heartfelt messages bring out the hidden feelings in the most touching manner and also promise a smile on her face.

Given below is the latest collection of the best Happy Mother’s Day 2017 wishes sample text messages which you can use to wish your dearest and most adorable granny who means the world to you.

1). The one person who has given me more love than anyone else is you my loving granny….. Thanks for being such an affectionate and caring granny….. I am so lucky to have you in my life…. Wishing you a very warm and wonderful Mother’s Day…. Love you always.

2). I thank God for giving me a granny like you who is always there to save me from all the problems and pamper me without terms and conditions….. You are the best granny in the world and I am the most fortunate one to have you….. Warm wishes on Mother’s Day to you.

3). I know that your love is never going to fade, I know that one person who will always stand by me is you…. I know because you the most wonderful granny in the world…. Sending heartfelt wishes to you on Mother’s Day….. Love you loads granny!!!

4). Dearest sweetest granny, you have always pushed all the boundaries to love us, to comfort us and to pamper us. You have always been giving and caring. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day.

5). You are the sweetest and most adorable woman in my life. Granny, there is no one who means you more than you to me. Love you always. Sending warm wishes on Mother’s Day to you.

6). You have never complained but you have always loved and cared for me unconditionally. The warmth of your hugs and smile are my strength. A very Happy Mother’s Day 2017 to you granny.

7). No matter I don’t come to see you often but you are always in my mind and in my prayers. I cannot live without calling you at least once every day. Warm wishes to you on Mother’s Day.

8). God loves me a lot that’s why he sent you as the most beautiful angel in my life to love me and to take care of me. You are the best and I love you a lot granny. Happy Mother’s Day 2017.

9). Today, I just want to tell you one thing that you are a wonderful woman and an amazing grandmom. You are my ideal and reason for all my smiles. Wishing you Happy Mother’s Day.

10). May God bless you with the best of health and happiness. May he add more life to your years and more smiles to your face as you are the best grandmother. Happy Mother’s Day 2017.

11). You taught me to walk, to talk, to study, to love and to be a good person in life. Thanks for everything that you did for me. Thanks for loving me so much. Wishing you Happy Mother’s Day.

12). You are the best grandmother on the planet and I am luckiest to have you in my life. Your love and care is always for which I crave. Love you always and forever. Happy Mother’s Day 2017.

13). I know I have not been a good grandchild but you have always been the most wonderful Granny. Thanks for showering your love and blessings on me without any conditions. Happy Mother’s Day 2017.

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