May 1st – Mother Goose Day Messages, Sayings & Quotes

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May 1st is celebrated as Mother Goose Day, the day dedicated to the imaginary author of the beautiful collection of fairytales that we have all read in our childhood. Make it a memorable day for your family, friends and cousins with Mother Goose sayings and May 1st Mother Goose Day messages.

Here is the newest collection of National Mother Goose Day messages, greetings and Mother Goose quotes to share with everyone around you on Facebook, WhatsApp.

Happy Mother Goose Day Messages, Wishses, Quotes

“On Mother Goose Day, I wish to remind you of the most beautiful times of our lives when we enjoyed the lovely fairytales and lived in our dreamworld…. Best wishes on this day!!!”

“We celebrate Mother Goose Day so that we don’t forget the best stories that we have read and share them with our coming generations…. Happy Mother Goose Day.”

“Stories are what children loved and stories are what Mother Goose Day weaved with her imagination…. Best wishes on Mother Goose Day to you all.”

“If you want to live your childhood again then today is the best day to do it…. Wishing a very Happy Mother Goose Day to all.”

“Happy Mother Goose Day to all those who have grown up reading the most enchanting and captivating stories of their lives.”

“No matter how old we get, we will still have a small child inside them and Mother Goose Day is the day to have that child enjoy the fairytales.”

“Nothing in this world can match the love we had for the amazing stories by Mother Goose and on Mother Goose Day, let us thank her for all her love and stories.”

“May Mother Goose is always around to keep showering her love on us with the best of her stories…. Happy Mother Goose Day.”

“Stories have always been our best friends and our teachers who have taught so much in life…. Wishing a very Happy Mother Goose Day to all story lovers.”

“Whether it is night or day, stories are loved by all the children….. Sending warm wishes on Mother Goose Day to all those who enjoy stories!!”

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