Beautiful Happy Fathers Day Messages from Wife

Sweet Fathers Day Messages from Wife

It is the third Sunday of June and it is a day to celebrate fatherhood. In 2018, Father’s Day will fall on 17th June when children will express their love and send best wishes to their dads, thanking them for being such wonderful fathers. As a wife, you can also send Happy Father’s Day text messages to your husband to tell him that he is a wonderful father.

We bring to you the latest collection of Father’s Day 2018 wishes from wife to send to your loving husband. You can share them on Facebook and Instagram or send it on Whatsapp as a personal message.

Happy Fathers Day Messages from Wife

1). God has been very kind as he has given us a wonderful family, a house full of happiness and joy and hearts full of love for each other….. Thanks for keeping us bonded with your love…. You are a great husband and the best father…. Happy Father’s Day to you.

2). You are the best father children could have and one single day is not enough to honour your sacrifices, dedication and hard work you put into nurturing our kids…. I am so proud to be your wife…. Warm wishes on Father’s Day to you.

3). Our children wishing you Happy Father’s Day is not enough because you are a wonderful dad and you deserve more…. I want to wish you a wonderful Father’s Day because the way you help me raise our children is more than a mom could expect…. Thanks my dearest husband.

4). Your compassion and positivity in life reflects in the well being and conduct of our kids…. You play a strong role in their lives, in shaping their future, in guiding them and taking best care of them…. We are all so glad to have you in our lives… Happy Father’s Day my love.

5). The only person that our children look up to in every challenge and difficult times is you because you are their hero and their success is the result of your mentoring and hard work…. You are truly the best dad a child can have…. Wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day.

Fathers Day Messages from Wife to Husband

6). The only reason behind a joyous and playful childhood of our children is you….. You are the one who has brought them smiles in form of toys, rewards in form of challenges….. You make an inspirational father…. Happy Father’s Day to you.

7). Thanks for giving our children their ideal…. Thanks for giving them someone whom they respect, admire and look up to in life….. You are not just their father but also their mentor and friend…. Sending you best wishes on Father’s Day for being so fantastically amazing.

8). Sending Happy Father’s Day wishes to the man who is the father of my children… to the man who rules my life and to the man who is the center of our universe….. We all love you and you mean the world to us…. Happy Father’s Day love.

9). It is rare to come across dads who would travel any distance for the good of their children, who would put their children under challenges to make them strong, who would sacrifice his comfort for the happiness of their kids….. Happy Father’s Day to one such father I know.

10). It is not easy to be a father whom children love and respect…. It is not easy to be their dad and also be their friend….. But you have always performed all of these roles with so much ease because you are the best dad….. Happy Father’s Day to you.

Funny fathers Day Wishes and Text Messages from wife

11). A father is the focal point of the family….. His decisions influence his children’s lives, his upbringing shapes their lives…. I am happy to have you as father of my children as you fill their lives with laughs and brightness…. Happy Father’s Day to you.

12). I sometimes get scared that our children will have the same negative points in personality like their daddy because we cannot afford to have more than one person in the house with such traits…. Happy Father’s Day to you.

13). I have heard stories of you being a naughty child…. These stories help me understand why our children so mischievous and always up to something shocking…. Thanks for being such a naughty dad…. Happy Father’s Day to you.

14). The only way for me to convince myself when are children do something wrong is by explaining my self that these are the genes of their dad and nothing can be done to rectify them…. Happy Father’s Day my husband.

15). Earlier there was just you and now I have another hero in the house and that is your son…. I wish you witness the toughest of the competition and I also wish that our son wins it every time…. Happy Father’s Day to you.

Father’s Day Messages from Wife and Daughter

16). We together wish the most wonderful Father in the world a very warm and blessed Happy Father’s Day…. We are so fortunate to have you in our lives…. Wishing for your good health and great life.

17). You are the anchor to our lives and without you, we are directionless…. Thanks for adding happiness and brightness to our lives and giving us the best of everything….. With lots of love, wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Messages from Wife and Son

18). You have played the role of a father and a husband with utmost perfection because we two have always been pampered, loved and taken care at each and every day of our life…. Warm wishes to the best dad and most caring husband on Father’s Day.

19). The common dream shared by your son and me is to see him grow up in life like you because there is no one better than you for both of us…. You are really a gem and we are the fortunate ones to have you….. Happy Father’s Day.

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