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We have so many fatherly figures surrounding us and Father’s Day is dedicated to the celebration of fatherhood. Every year, it falls on the third Sunday of June. Father’s Day2023 will fall on 18th June. It is the day to send warm Happy Father’s Day quotes to express your love and show your affection to your dad. With Father’s Day messages, you can write greetings with funny Father’s Day messages. You can even wish Happy Father’s Day to your husband on behalf of your kid to tell him what an amazing father he is.

We bring to you best Father’s Day messages and lovely quotes to wish your dearest day on this special occasion.

Fathers Day Messages from Daughter

1. I couldn’t have asked God for a better father. I am very sure that you are the best one that he has ever created. Happy Father’s Day to the most wonderful dad.

2. Thanks for giving me the comfort to know that if anything goes wrong, I have a dad who will take care of everything. Happy Father’s Day to you papa!!!

3. I have grown up like a princess because I have a father who is a King as he rules our hearts with his love. Warm wishes on Father’s Day to you.

4. I am the luckiest girl on the planet because I have the most wonderful father in the world. Thank you papa for all your love and support. Happy Father’s Day to you.

5. When nothing was right, you were there for me as my strength…. You were there to motivate me. With lots of love, I wish you a very Happy Father’s Day.

Fathers Day Messages from Son or Grandson

6. Dear grandpa, your love is as grand and as beautiful as the blessings of God. Thank you for being such an amazing grandparent. Wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day.

7. No matter how many friends I get but dad you will always be my first and the most special friend. You are truly the greatest dad. Happy Father’s Day to you.

8. Happy Father’s Day to the man who showered me with his unconditional love through good and bad times. With lots of love, wish you a very Happy Father’s Day.

9. I don’t say it often but I love you the most in the world and I can never thank you enough for being such an amazing father. Warm wishes on Father’s Day.

10. I thank God for blessing us with an amazing bond. I am so glad to have a fantastic father like you who is so understanding and supportive. Happy Father’s Day papa.

Happy Fathers Day Messages For Your Grandfather

11. There is just one person in my life who handled all my tantrums with pure love and that is you grandpa. I am so lucky to have you. Wishing you Happy Father’s Day.

12. You are the reason Father’s Day has significance for me…. Thanks for giving me such beautiful memories for life, of you pampering me with your love. Happy Father’s Day grandpa!

13. Everyone has a father but I am lucky to have a grandfather who is double better than my dad. Thanks for being there for me through all ups and downs. Happy Father’s Day!!

14. Grandfather, you are the most important father figure to me. I wish I could have more opportunities to tell you what you mean to me. Happy Father’s Day to you.

15. The best teacher to me is you grandpa. I have always remembered everything you taught me and that’s the reason I am so successful. Warm wishes to you on Father’s Day.

For Your Husband or Partner

16. I feel so proud to be your wife because you make the best father in the world and our kids are so lucky to have you. Happy Father’s Day my love!!!

17. My baby is too small to wish you but I am sure he would always want to thank you for being such a loving and caring dad. On his behalf, I wish you Happy Father’s Day.

18. You are the role model for our children and I so happy that you have always led them with the best of the examples. Wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day.

19. You are the roots of our family and without you, we are nothing. You are the best husband and an out of this world father. Happy Father’s Day to you.

20. Nothing in this world can match up with the love you have for our children. They are truly the most fortunate kids in the world. Warm wishes on Father’s Day.

For Your Brother or Friend

21. I have seen you grow and I am so happy to see you grown into a responsible and loving father. You are the best brother and a lovely dad. Happy Father’s Day to you.

22. You make an amazing father and I always knew you would be the best because you are one hell of a friend. Wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day.

23. The kind of patience and dedication you have for your baby is truly inspiring. You make the best father and I am proud of you. Warm wishes on Father’s Day my dear.

24. Seeing you transform from a carefree guy to responsible dad has been a wonderful thing. Three cheers to the best dad I know….. Happy Father’s Day!!!

25. You are now a father and I know you will be the most amazing dad. I wish you a very Happy Father’s Day and lots of luck to live up to the expectations.

Funny Father’s Day Messages and Wishes

26. I just have warm hugs and simple words to thank you for making my life so wonderful. I love you dad and I wish you a very Happy Father’s Day.

27. The one person on whom I can depend in the deepest of troubles is you dad…. With lots of love, wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day daddy!!!

28. Dearest dad, you are reason for all my dreams. You are the reason for all the strength in my wings. Warm wishes to you on Father’s Day.

29. Whatever I know, I have learnt it from you. You taught me to live life and to handle it like a brave soul…. Thanks for everything. Happy Father’s Day.

30. I owe you all my smiles, all my laughter, all my success, all my happiness….. Thank you daddy for giving me the best of life…. Happy Father’s Day!!!!

For a Father-to-Be or a New Dad

31. You are soon going to be a father and I am sure you will make the most amazing dad to your baby…. Wishing you Happy Father’s Day in advance.

32. This is going to be your very first Father’s Day and also the most special one. Sending warm wishes to you on this day of celebration of fatherhood.

33. Your little one is so lucky to have a father like you. The way you take care of him and his mom, it makes you the best dad in the world. Warm wishes on Father’s Day to you!!

34. Another day of celebration has been added to your calendar…. Day of celebration for being a father…. Happy Father’s Day to the new daddy!!!

35. Soon you will have little fingers holding your hand, tiny lips kissing you, baby arms hugging you… Wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day!!!

Father’s Day message for Facebook and Whatsapp Status

36. I feel like the blessed child who has been showered with eternal blessings with a Dad like you…. Happy Father’s Day papa!!!

37. My life is incomplete without my dad because he is the reason for my life and all my achievements…. Wishing a very Happy Father’s Day to you dad!!!

38. I cannot thank God enough for his love and blessings he sent to me with you daddy…. And I cannot express in words what you mean to me…. Happy Father’s Day.

39. The sweetest bond of love in this world is between a daughter and her father….. Happy Father’s Day to you dad!!

40. Life is more beautiful, more fun when your dad is always there making regular moments special for you…. Happy Father’s Day papa for being the best dad.

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