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fathers day messages

Father is a word, but has many meanings that connect everyone’s emotions. Father’s Day is the celebration of the fatherhood that every son and daughter wish to celebrate to make the father happy. For a child, father is a person who gives a strong support and he understands you very well. If you make wrong, it is your father who politely makes you realize what you have done. May sometimes he scold you, but even in it, you can find his love. Father means a lot for everyone right from fulfilling your unwanted demands to protecting you from any kind of danger. To celebrate this special moment, you can write a sweet father’s Day message to make him feel your love for him. We present some unique collections of the Father’s day message to you that definitely touch your heart.

Father’s Day Messages from Son

On father’s Day, a son wants to say many things to his father right from the beginning. You can write a simple text message which expresses your each emotion very sweetly to thank your father for being with you always, no matter what the situation is. A father’s day message from son can make your father proud.

“You are my support in worst, you are my strength in nervous and you are my guide in dark. I love you dad and thank you for making my life so wonderful.”

Father’s Day Messages from Daughter

To a daughter, a father is a hero of her life. There is hardly any secret that a daughter hides from her father. To make the special day joyful to your father, a lovely father’s day message from daughter message is enough to express your emotion. Your words tell your father how much you love him.

“You are always my hero and on this special, I want to salute you. Nothing is permanent in this world, but your love always with me. I thank you God for giving such a sweet gift as my father. ”

Father’s Day Messages from Child

There is a sweet lovely relation between a father and child. When it comes to wishing a happy father’s day, a message from child brings out this emotion and it makes your father happy. A touching text message from child always feels your father nearer to you.

“You give me your wings to fly; you teach me how to love. You are the best father in the whole world and I love you always.”

Check out the happy fathers day australia messages for your DAD. Father’s Day in Australia is celebrated each year on the first Sunday in September.

Father’s Day Messages for Pop

No matter which name you are calling your father, daddy or pop, but the meaning of father is same for all children. You no need to expense much to wish your father a happy father’s Day, only your message of love carries everything whatever you want to say. You can include funny elements to cheer up the moments.

“My first step in this world started holding your finger and now I may be close to your height, but never be like you because you are the one and only in the world.”

Father’s Day Messages for Husband

A wife also wishes to say her husband for being so supportive to grow up a child as well as wish him to be the best father. On this special day, a wife pens down her every emotion in a message and thanks him to be always with her. Father’s Day message for husband carries the emotion of such bonding.

“On this special day, I appreciate your support to look after over child’s every demand. I thank you for sharing my responsibility and wish you a happy father’s day for being the best father.”

Father’s Day Messages for First Time Dads

For the first time dad, being a father is a heavenly feeling that changes their life. There are lots of responsibilities that a father needs to take for both as a husband as well as a father. On this special day, a father’s day message makes them happy and proud to be a father.

“You became dad now and the joy of being a father is seen in your eyes. You laugh when your baby laughs; you console her when she cries all that make you a great father.”

Father’s Day Messages for a Friend

Friends are wishing a happy father’s Day to celebrate the fatherhood. Being a father is an experience which is incomparable to anything. On this father’s day, a message for a friend is to share the emotion of a father. A heart touching message can make your friend feel happy.

“I wish you a happy father’s day for being the best father to your child. You always give a strong support whenever they need you. You are the friendliest father to them.”

Father’s Day Messages for Uncle

On the father’s day, uncle can be honored on the father’s day when he shares his emotion with the child and cares for him or her. A simple father’s day message to an uncle gives him a joy of love. Write a father’s day message to thank him for his support.

“Father means who keeps his child’s wish ahead of anything; a father who shines his child’s life as sunshine. I have all those things from you, my uncle. So I wish you a happy father’s day. ”

Father’s Day Messages to Grandpa

One can write a father’s day message to his/her grandpa for supporting you all through the life. A simple thank you message makes him feel charming and you can add your personal touch to your words as well. A Father’s Day message to grandpa is an example of sweet emotional bonding.

“Dear grandpa, you are one who always stands by me. Your guidance and virtue teach me a greater meaning of life. The best thing is you never lose your faith, even when I fail. I love you.”

Father’s Day Messages to Colleagues

A father’s Day message to colleagues is for celebrating parenting between friends and colleagues who can enjoy the happiness of being a father. A sweet message on this special day brings out an untold emotion that can be shared with your colleagues. You can send text messages to your colleagues to celebrate this day with them.

“Your child tells everything how good you are as a father. She is happy and loved and feels proud to be a daughter of yours. You are a great father so I wish you a happy father’s day.”

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