Sweet First Fathers Day Messages from Baby

Short and Sweet First Fathers Day Card Messages from Baby

Love and sacrifice of a father is always under rated but it is as special as that of a mother. Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday of June and this year it will be celebrated on 18th June, 2023. First Father’s Day is all the more special and 1st Father’s Day message from baby touches the heart of every dad. On behalf of your little one, wish the new daddy on this day using short status on Father’s Day.

We bring to you adorable Fathers Day wishes from toddler girls and boys in newest collection of fathers day wishes, fathers day messages, father day Whatsapp and Facebook share messages that have been weaved in heart-touching words full of warmth and love for new dad.

First Father’s Day Card Sayings from Baby

“Dearest dad, on this first Father’s Day, I want to wish you the best of everything and I want to promise to make you proud when I grow big.”

Fathers Day Messages for Baby Daddy

“Warm wishes on Father’s Day to you daddy… I am your baby and I will follow your footsteps to become a good individual.”

First Fathers Day Messages from Baby Girl

1). Dearest daddy, I know when you are there beside me I have nothing to worry because you will take the best care of me always….. Love you always and Wishing you a very warm and blessed Happy Father’s Day.

2). When I hold your finger, I feel I am holding on to strongest person in this world who will not be just my guardian but also my mentor and my best friend for life….. To the most amazing dad, Happy First Father’s Day to you.

3). When I don’t see you, my day goes so dull because I don’t have you to add brightness and happiness to my days….. And when you come, you bring along cheerful smiles and lots of love…. Wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day.

4). Girls are the most attached with their dads and that’s another reason why we will share the strongest bond….. To the dad who will always be my hero and my ideal, to the dad who is the reason for my smiles…. Happy Father’s Day.

5). Bedtime stories from you are the best way to end my day….. Sweet kisses from you are the perfect start to my day….. Dearest daddy, I will always be your little girl who will love you to the moon and back….. Warm wishes on Father’s Day to you.

1st Father’s Day Message from Baby Boy

6). Dear papa, I wish that I grow up and become a good soul like you…. I promise to follow your footsteps and make you proud when I become a big boy….. Wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day.

7). I am your reflection….. My smile reflects your love….. My twinkling eyes reflect your care…. My happy heart reflects your care and my soul reflects your upbringing…. Thanks for making my life perfect….. Happy Father’s Day.

8). Father and son make the best and the strongest buddies ever…. You are not just my father but also my first and very special friend….. I wish you a very warm Happy Father’s Day and wish for your smiles and good health.

9). I am the most fortunate son in this world as I have the most amazing father one can have…. I thank God for sending me as your baby and I promise to work hard to be the best son…. Happy Father’s Day.

10). As your son I wish to be at least half good a person as you, half responsible son as you, half loyal friend as you, half loving husband as you and half caring father as you and I will be proud of my self….. Warm wishes on Father’s Day to the best dad.

First father’s Day Message from Baby Daughter

11). Dearest dad, I am your little princess who feels safe and happy because you are around….. who smiles seeing you smile, who feels worried seeing you sad….. Always keep smiling and stay healthy…. Happy Father’s Day daddy.

12). Holding your fingers, I will learn to walk…… Hearing you speak, I will learn to talk…. My greatest dad will also be my first teacher and first friend…. With lots of love, wishing Happy First Father’s Day to you.

13). Though I cannot write a First Father’s Day greeting to you but soon I will wish you by saying Happy Father’s Day Papa and soon I will write these words in a self drawn card…. Till then accept these sweet wishes from me.

14). I get a happy sleep when I am in your arms because that’s the safest place in the world…. I enjoy my meal when you feed me because you add more taste to it with your love…. Thank you my magician and my sweet daddy…. A very Happy Father’s Day to you.

15). Stories and jokes, games and fun times….. You are surely going to make my childhood the best ever….. Thank you daddy for taking time out to be with me and giving me sweet memories to cherish…. Happy First Father’s Day to you.

16). The brightness of your smile….. the warmth of your hug…. The pampering and care…. I am blessed to be born as your daughter because you are the No. 1 DAD…. I wish you a very warm First Father’s Day.

First Father’s Day message from Baby Son

17). From a little boy, one day I will grow up to be a big man like you…. I wish that I become just like you because you make the most amazing father…. Wishing you a very First Father’s Day.

18). Dearest dad, please teach me become a good soul like you, please teach me to be a good human like you, please teach me to be a loving dad like you… Warm wishes on First Father’s Day to you.

19). The best time of the day is when we play together….. when I go off to sleep in your arms, when you take me out for a walk, when you hug me tight and shower me with kisses…. A very Happy Father’s Day papa.

20). We will make the best friends and the world will envy us….. You make the best dad and I will work hard to make a good son to you so that you are proud of me….. Wishing you a very warm and Happy First Father’s Day.

21). You brought me into this world….. You are the reason for my existence….. You are my dad, my teacher and my guardian….. My life is incomplete without your love, care and affection…. A very Happy Father’s Day to you.

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