Easter Messages for Kids and Baby

Cute Easter Messages for Kids

Easter is the most important festival of Christians. Children should be taught about the reason why Easter is celebrated. Easter signifies the resurrection from the dead of Jesus, three days after he was executed. Prayers, fasting and feast are observed during Easter. Send your kids happy Easter messages, funny Easter wishes, and greetings cards.

Below are some sample happy and funny text messages that you can send to your children as Easter wishes.

Easter Wishes for Baby Grandson

1). We thank the almighty for sending you as our precious gift. Happy Easter dear grandson.

2). Your presence filled our hearts with joy and happiness. Happy Easter dear baby grandson.

3). May the lord be kind to shower his divine blessings on you. Happy Easter.

4). May the almighty bless you with good health, fortune and happiness. You are our twinkle of eyes. Happy Easter.

Easter Wishes Messages for Children

5). Jesus Christ rose from death on this day. So pray and celebrate and have a happy Easter, my child.

6). Eggs are a sign of new life; it is a sign of resurrection of Christ. Make this day special by offering prayers as well as your Easter eggs. Happy Easter.

7). Search for Christ in your heart while you are searching for eggs, my child. Thank the Lord and celebrate with joy this Easter. Happy Easter.

8). This Easter, we all will pray and thank the Lord for this day before we go out and celebrate. Have a joyful Easter, my child.

9). Make this Easter meaningful by praying to Lord, my child. Dress as Easter bunny and remind everyone that Christ is alive. Happy Easter.

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