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February 18th is celebrated as Flirting Day. Healthy flirting never hurts and with a day officially dedicated to it, it is all the more fun. Share cute flirty text messages and wishes with someone your like. Add some excitement by sending flirty text messages to send to a guy you just met.

We bring romantic Happy Flirting Day messages and Flirting Day quotes 2023. With flirty texts for her & him examples at night, surprise on this day. Best of Flirt Day status messages on WhatsApp and Facebook to share your love.

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Happy Flirting Day Messages Wishes

Share the most unique Flirting day messages for boyfriend, girlfriend, husband and wife to wish them in a special way. Add some spice to life with cute flirty text messages. Send your beloved the Flirty Day text messages to express your love or to give a compliment.

“You are the reason my heart beats so fast….. You are the reason I go weak on my knees when you are around….. Happy Flirting Day to you.”

“Though it is Flirting Day today but I am not going to flirt with you because I really love you a lot.”

“I don’t like to lose but I would be more than happy to lose my heart to you….. Happy Flirting Day gorgeous.”

“Your eyes are as beautiful as ocean and I will not mind drowning in them for life….. Please allow to drown in your eyes and the love in your eyes.”

“Your hands are very soft, I would like to hold them…… Your hair are so pretty, I would like to touch them…. You are so gorgeous, I would want to have you in my life for life.”

Flirting Day Quotes Messages 2024

“Flirting is like the game of chess…. One wrong move you make and you can end up getting married…. Flirt smartly.”

“Flirting is not everyone’s cup of tea…. It is an art and demands confidence and romance together.”

“Flirting always makes a woman happy deep inside…. Even if she says a no, she will always want more.”

“Flirting is a sweet start to a relationship which makes go heart beating faster.”

If someone starts to blush when you are flirting, know it that you have hit the right chords.

Flirting Day Whatsapp Status

“On Flirting Day, I wish you enjoy some good flirting around with some handsome men in the town.”

“May you have a memorable Flirting Day….. May you win some hearts and enjoy some happy flirting.”

“You look kind of familiar to me…. Looks like we were in the same class and it was a chemistry class that brought us together.”

“You must be a magician because when you are around, the whole world disappears and I can only see you.”

“When I am with you, I always need a map because I keep getting lost in your beautiful, deep eyes.”

Flirty Messages for Girlfriend

“When I look at you, I see nothing in this world because you are my only focus my love. Keep mesmerizing me the same way.”

“Sometimes I feel that you have casted some kind of spell on me that I see nothing else beyond you.”

Flirty Messages for Boyfriend

“To my dearest boyfriend, I just want to tell you that I keep falling for your sweet smile as I cannot resist myself.”

“There are so many things that I love about you but that one thing that makes me crazy about you is the way you love me.”

Flirty Messages for Him

“When I found you, I did not just find love but I found the very reason for my existence in this world.”

“When you hold my hand or when you hug me, it feels like I am at the most comfortable place in this world.”

Flirty Messages for Her

“There is something in your eyes which makes my heart melt. There is something in your love that I am ready to surrender myself.”

“I never ever make any efforts to win an argument with you because you anyway win me over with your cuteness every time.”

Flirty Messages for Crush

“I find myself so irresistible when I see you because you are the prettiest woman I have ever come across.”

“When have no idea what effect you have on me when you smile at me. I skip my heartbeat and I lose my senses.”

Flirty Messages for Fiancé

“It is the magic of your love that I glow each and every day since you have come into my life. Truly blessed to have you.”

“Today you are my fiancé and tomorrow you will be my husband but you will be the love of my life forever and ever.”

Flirty Messages for Wife

“I don’t know what to appreciate when I look at you because you are a pretty lady with beautiful eyes and a lovely heart.”

“To my wife who wins me over with her beauty as well as her brains, with her smile as well as her eyes. Love you darling.”

Flirty Messages for Husband

“When I look at you, I feel that all my prayers have been answered because you are the kind of husband I always wanted.””

“When I am in your arms, I am at the most secured place in this world. When I am holding your hand, I feel I am protected. Love you my dearest husband.”

Flirty Messages for Whatsapp

“There is so much beauty around us and therefore, we must miss no opportunity to appreciate it.”

Flirting is nothing but a game of chess. One wrong move can land you up in a marriage.”

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