Flirty Funny Messages for Her

Flirty Funny Messages for Her

The flirty funny messages for her are humorous and include funny quotes for her. The wishes can be sent through text messages with flirty quotes and smileys for her. One can also send gifts for her to make her feel good and special. The flirty notes express the likeness for the girl.

Best Samples of flirty funny messages for her are given below:

1). Sweetheart, I hope you have that beautiful gift I gave you and I would also expect such a charming lady like you to present me a gift when we meet.

2). Lovely girl, make sure you bring me sweet presents when you come for the date. It won’t look good else that a gorgeous lady like you comes empty handed.

3). Gorgeous girl, wishing you a good day and hope you have the money you owe me. Though it is my treat I prefer spending that money for the treat so that I don’t need to carry any.

4). Lovely girl, through this text I send good wishes for a lovely day. I hope you have shed your excess fat as last time and became the gorgeous one I would love to go out with.

5). Dear, sending you love and wishes for a happy day. Do not forget to treat me and keep your promise. I am waiting for a beautiful girl like you to take me out.

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