Funny Flirty Text Messages to Lover

Funny flirty text messages to lover

Funny flirty wishes are flirtatious and are also humorous based ones. The romantic flirty quotes sent in a funny tone way to the lover can be sent with gifts for him or her. One can also send funny smileys to the lover to bring a smile on his or her face.

List of samples of funny flirty and romantic text messages to lover sent in different ways:

1). Sweet lover, I wish you were my T-shirt to hug me every day and make me feel wonderful. I also hope notice how much hard I try to just have a glimpse of yours climbing to your balcony sometimes.

2). Dear lover, sending you love and beautiful wishes for a lovely day. I asked for a date and that is what I will give you today evening. However do gift me something in return as I don’t want to return empty handed.

3). Cute lover, wishing you lots of happiness and a good day. However, if you fail to send me the gift you promised I would wish you have a horrible day.

4). Dearest lover, I wish I were the teddy in your room you hug every time you sleep. And I also wish to throw your teddy outside since you didn’t respond to me yesterday.

5). Dear lover, through this text I send my love and good wishes for a wonderful day. I wish I were the dear watch which hugs me so warmly. By that I hope you remember you owe me a watch as a gift.

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