Flirt Messages to a Lover

Lover Flirt Message

The flirt messages from the lover can be sent through text messages. The flirt wishes can be sent along with the gifts for the lover to make him or her feel good. The wishes contain flirty quotes with flirtatious tones which expresses the likeness feelings of the sender for the lover. The wishes let the lover know the sender feelings. The wishes are sent in a fun filled way having racy messages for lover. Some of the samples of flirt messages for lover sent in different ways are given below:

Flirty Birthday Messages to Lover

The flirty birthday wishes include the flirty quotes and also expresses the birthday wishes for the lover. The wishes also let the lover know about the like feelings of the sender. The wishes can be sent along with birthday presents for the lover to make him or her feel good.

“I wish you a happy and marvelous birthday celebration filled with cheerful moments dear lover. Your smile and your love have made my day beautiful and I hope it continues to shine your life too.”

Flirty Love Messages to Lover

The flirt love messages for the lover include the flirty quotes and love notes for the lover. The wishes express the love feelings for the lover in a way of flirtatious and fun way. The wishes can be sent through text messages along with gifts for the person.

“I love you cute lover with all my heart and look forward to spending my life with you. Your love has brightened up my mornings and my life always.”

Funny Flirty Text Messages to Lover

Funny flirty wishes are flirtatious and are also humorous based ones. The romantic flirty quotes sent in a funny tone way to the lover can be sent with gifts for him or her. One can also send funny smileys to the lover to bring a smile on his or her face.

“For my sweet lover, I send all my love and look forward to the romantic treat you owe me. Today is the day of reducing your credit balance for me and shows your love dear.”

Sample Miscellaneous flirt messages for lover:

“I send all my love for you dear through this best text message. You are very special for me and our date for the evening will be more cheerful with your presence.”

“Dear lover, get me a beautiful dress to say something beautiful about you. You know that I take something at least for what I praise about you. You do have beautiful presence to charm me dear.”

“To my sweet lover, your looks are the best in the world and I love you like anything. I look forward to spending the evening with you and taking out for a dinner.”

“Dear lover, I wish you a happy birthday and wish you have a marvelous birthday celebration. I wish your special birthday and your life be filled with endless happier moments and love always. You are the best and sweet lover of mine.”

“I wish you happy birthday wishes through this text message and wish you have a good celebration. Your love and presence has made my life beautiful.”

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