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Flirt text Messages

Flirting is a way of showing an interest in another person. Flirting generally is a non serious type of interest though in some cases the interest may actually be for a serious relationship later on. Messages of flirting can be of amusement, fun and joyous way of telling someone that he or she is liked more than a friend. A message of flirt is romantic can be sent through a text messages or through beautiful cards.

Let us see some of the sample of romantic and cute flirt messages sent to different people:

Flirt Messages for Her

Flirting is fun, as it is a way of teasing and showing the love for a person. Often couples indulge in playful flirting which is healthy for a relationship. The messages of flirt can be sent through text messages for the girl at any time of the day.

“It is pretty fascinating that it is your smile which makes my day. So would you smile and make my day brighter, sweet miss?”

Flirt Messages for Him

Boys and girls flirt with each other when they start liking a person and express their interest through this way of flirting. The flirt wishes can be sent through text messages or beautiful cards with gifts of his choice.

“Your smile is what makes my world go round and fills my day with love and happiness all around. I love your smile like anything and send love for that beautiful smile to be there forever.”

Flirt Messages for Boyfriend

Boyfriend and girlfriend flirt with each other playfully and in a romantic way which keeps their relationship stronger.  Healthy flirting in a relationship is good and cute unlike bad flirting which harms a relationship.

“My love for you is vast as the vast ocean spreading out and will be there till the sun dies out. I send loads of love for you my dear and will be there for you in every breath of life.”

Flirt Messages for Girlfriend

A girlfriend loves to best flirt with her lover and playfully tease him through flirting. Flirting in a relationship is necessary and cute in a way for the relationship to go on. Flirting wishes for the girlfriend can be sent through lovely cards with gifts of her choice to make her fell much loved.

“Like a rose blossoms the garden, your love blossoms my life with love and joy moments all around. I send you all the love in the world to help you shine up my life more and for you to be there forever.”

Flirt Messages for Husband

Often wives send latest flirt messages to a husband when he may be at work or doing something. It depicts the playful flirting and love between the couple. The flirting wishes can be sent through text messages for the husband or one can also send beautiful flirt cards to the husband.

“Like the dew makes the day fresh early morning, your kiss is the dew which freshens me up every morning. I send love, love and loads of love for you today and always.”

Flirty Text Messages for Valentine’s Day

Flirty wishes and quotes for loved ones to send on Valentine’s Day. The wishes sent through text messages would make them feel loved and ignite the love feelings in them for you. Valentine’s Day is a day of celebration of love and is a perfect day to send flirty wishes for loved ones. One can also send gifts for the person to make the day more special.

“Dear lover, I wish you a happy valentine’s day. I look forward to seeing you gorgeous smile on the celebration we are having in the evening together.”

Flirt Messages for Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the communication application used in mobiles. Messages between two persons are sent through whatsapp and communication continues between them that way. One can beautifully send flirt wishes through Whatsapp with cute smiley and pictures.

“In my dreams you thrive, in my heart you live, give me a place in your heart, there is where I want to live. I send love through this beautiful Whatsapp message which aims directly to your lovely heart.”

Flirt Messages to Friend

Messages of flirting are also exchanged between friends who send forwarded flirt messages to one another as a token of their love and care for each other. One can send flirt wishes through text message or beautiful cards.

“If I am the cup, you are the saucer where I fit into, if I am the sun you are the rays which lit up my life. We’re inseparable. I send loads of love my dear for you and only you.”

Flirt Messages to a Lover

Lovers often flirt in a form of teasing and expressing their love. The flirting among lovers is to show their interest whether serious or non serious way to one another. The wishes can be sent through cards with beautiful quotes or pictures for the lover.

“If I am allowed to be something you have, I wish I could be the comb which touches your hair each morning. I could have your touch feel everyday then.”

Flirt Messages to Boss

Flirting with the boss or the employer is a tough and a complicated task as it involves work and one’s professional space. Flirting with the boss may turn out to be sore in some cases and in some flirting with the employer goes fine like the rest.

“You’re the one I look up to in work, and you’re the one I wish to look up to now and in every breath of my life.”

Flirt Messages to a Guy

Guys tend to flirt more than girls and are more casual in flirting in comparison to girls. Flirting with a guy shows the interest in him and if immediately reciprocated will lead to a beautiful relationship. The flirting wishes can be sent through cards r beautiful text messages for the guy.

“Love is a short word to express what I feel for you. You’re my life whom I wish to be with all my life. I send all the love in the world especially for you dear.”

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