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Boxing Day is the day after the Christmas day, and is recognized as the day when workers and servants receive gifts and offerings from their bosses and employers. They receive a Christmas Box, which contains the gifts. It is celebrated on December 26th, the day after a Christmas. Boxing Day messages are sent out to the general public or also to concerned people through invitations where the people are asked to purchase from the Boxing Day sales. The amount earned will be donated to the poor and the needy for their use. Sales during the Boxing Day rise up as a token of love and donation made to the poor through these purchases.

Let us look into some of the sample Boxing Day wishes messages 2023, Wishes, Quotes, Greetings and Whatsapp Status to sent to different people:

Happy Boxing Day Messages 2023, Wishes and Quotes

“Wishing you extended celebrations and box full of surprises. May you find happiness and success in life. Happy Boxing Day.”

“Boxing Day is all about making a sweet gesture towards the employees who are like your family. Warm wishes to all our staff on this special day.”

“May the high-spirits and wonderful celebrations of Christmas don’t end. Wishing you a very Happy Boxing Day.”

Boxing Day Messages to Brother

Boxing Day is a day which brings happiness to the family and drives away misery and suffering. As such, during this day, brothers and sisters come together to celebrate and make purchases for donations. Brothers get a holiday during this day and make sure to be home for this special occasion.

“Have a wonderful Boxing day brother. Let the Almighty shower his blessings upon you by erasing out any miseries and bringing happiness to your life.”

Boxing Day Messages to Friends

Friends come together and go out to make purchases on Boxing Day sales for the needy. They make donations and offerings to be given to the poor. Friends also send cards and best wishes for Boxing Day to one another and celebrate.

“As Lord Jesus descend and shower his blessings of happiness to everyone, let your life be fruitful and merry always my friend. Have a happy Boxing day.”

Boxing Day Messages to Colleagues

Different organizations organize Boxing Day sales to give out donations from the purchases made. After celebrating Christmas together, colleagues come together and organize sales of different mementos and Christmas stocks. As these are purchased, the colleagues collect them and donate amongst the poor and the needy. The colleagues also get gifts from the employers who send best wishes and presents to the whole staff of an organization as a part of the Boxing Day tradition. Boxing Day is a happy occasion for employees and colleagues.

“Let the Boxing day bring in happiness and drive away all worries from your life. Let Lord Jesus send his choicest blessings upon us all as we come together to celebrate. Have a happy Boxing day.”

Funny Boxing Day Messages

Funny Boxing Day greetings and wishes are also sent to liven up the spirit of a friendly and humorous Boxing Day celebration. People send funny Boxing Day messages to friends and family through text messages, cards or through messages on social networking sites. There are also video messages and funny Boxing Day wishes sent to friends through videos on a DVD.

“Get prepared to get boxed by the needy with blessings from them as you box them with offerings and purchases. Have a happy boxing day ahead.”

Boxing Day Greetings Messages to Girlfriend

“I wish for unlimited grace for you….. I wish for new heights, new dreams and new opportunities for you….. Happy Boxing Day to the most gorgeous girl I know.”

Happy Boxing Day Wishes to Family

“Let us welcome this Boxing Day with high energies and let us be grateful to everyone around us for making this a wonderful celebration………… Best wishes on Boxing Day to you!!!”

Boxing Day Messages to Wife

“My dearest wife, I am sending you warm wishes on Boxing Day. May your boss shower you with a box full of surprises to make this upcoming year a memorable one.”

“Wishing a very Happy Boxing Day to my wife. May you are presented with a box which has all the reasons for you to smile.”

“May the merriment of Christmas doesn’t end and it continues with Boxing Day. May your smiles and joy double with the presents on this special day.”

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